Ranking list for the most influential film festivals and television festivals in North America released by American Asian Film and Television Alliance

Among the tremendous Film & Television Festivals in the world. Most of the famous film and television festivals with international influence and appealing might are concentrated in Europe and North America area. For instance, the Academy Awards, Cannes International Film Festival, Emmy Awards and etc. have a long history and far-reaching influence. Nine of the most influential film festivals and their latest rankings in North America were selected by voting from the North American filmmakers and film critics:

No.1 — The Oscars

The official name of the Oscars ceremony is the Academy Awards, which are issued annually in Hollywood, U.S.A., by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. The Academy Awards presentation acknowledges the entire gamut of achievement in the film industry, with the purpose of encouraging the creation and development of filmic excellence. Numerous genres are considered, and more than 20 different categories are reviewed and awarded. As the media award with the longest history, the Oscar is generally regarded as the most influential and most prestigious film award in the world.

Each year, the Oscars ceremony is live-streamed on television and the Internet in more than 100 countries. It is to the American film industry what the Grammy Awards are to music, what the Emmy Awards are to television, and what the Tony Awards is to live theater. The presentations of these other awards, in fact, follow the pattern set by the Academy Awards.

No. 2 — Emmy Awards

An Emmy Award represents the supreme accomplishment in America’s television industry. The Primetime Emmy Awards are issued by Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. In separate ceremonies, the Daytime Emmy Awards are presented by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the International Emmy Awards by the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

The Emmy Awards ceremony is jointly hosted in Los Angeles and New York in September. The works of eligible candidates must have been broadcast on wireless television or cable television from June 1st of the previous year to May 31st of the present year and should be accessible for viewing by at least 51% of the audience throughout America. Primetime refers to 18:00 to 2:00 of the next day.

No. 3 — The Golden Globe Awards

The Golden Globe Awards is a film and television award issued in the U.S. annually by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Since 1944, this award presentation has been held every year. Winners are voted upon by 96 journalists. Before 2003, the awarding dinner of the Golden Globes was held days before the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences voting for those years’ Oscars. After ‘03, the Golden Globes have held their ceremony in the middle of January so that it can be distinguished from the Oscars presentation, which is generally held at or near the end of February. Before 1956, Golden Globe Awards acknowledged films only. The awards for television were added subsequently.

No. 4 — The Sundance Film Festival

The Sundance Film Festival, held each January in Park City and Salt Lake City, both located in the state of Utah, is the largest, best attended independent film festival in the U.S. Entries that compete are primarily new works from American artists, but international independent filmmakers are welcomed also. Dramatic and documentary films (both features and shorts) are judged. Founded in 1978 by the production company headed by respected American actor Robert Redford, the festival took its name from one of Mr. Redford’s most iconic feature-film roles. (He played the latter of the two title characters the classic 1969 Western “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”) Film professionals and film buffs numbering in the tens of thousands flock to the gorgeous Rocky Mountain winter setting of the Sundance Festival each year.

No. 5 — The Tribeca Film Festival

The aim of the incredibly popular Tribeca Film Festival, held since 2002 for roughly two weeks every spring in the Tribeca neighborhood of lower Manhattan, is to bring independent film to widest audience possible.  The impetus of the Festival—boasting another acclaimed American actor, Robert DeNiro, as one of its founders—is said to have been a response to the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York’s World Trade Center.  The goal of the founders was to bring vitality back to the neighborhood where the ill-fated Twin Towers stood, and the thousands of meaningful film submissions received each year and tens of thousands of annual attendees invariably accomplish exactly that.  In addition to its many memorable screenings, the Festival also holds numerous panel discussions featuring some of the most prominent personalities in the entertainment industry.

No. 6 — South by Southwest (SXSW)

The stated purpose of the South by Southwest Film Festival—held mid-March every year since 1987 in Austin, Texas, and attended by roughly 20,000 competitors and fans annually—is to celebrate innovation and emerging talent on both sides of the camera.  SXSW, as the festival has become known, attracts top-tier cutting-edge film and television entries and avid, intelligent audiences. Interactive media, music, and conference discussion also comprise a significant portion of the highly energized festival week. Provocative dramas, documentaries, comedies, genre standouts, and more are consistently featured.

No. 7 — The Asian-American Television & Film Festival

Art can create mutual benefit. With the ideology of “inclusiveness, fusion, innovation, collaboration”, The annual Asian-American Television & Film Festival encourages exchange and cooperation in the film and television industries between North America and Asia and has become one of the most influential international film and television festivals in North America.

As the key international film and television cultural-exchange event of Asian-American Television & Film Festival, the awarding ceremony of the Golden Oak Awards is held in October every year in Manhattan, New York.  A Golden Oak Award is an international honor selected and awarded by The Asian-American Television & Film Alliance, aiming to give credit to outstanding talents and to their works that make outstanding contributions to the film and television industry in North America and Asia. The honor goes to the best, most experienced senior managers in television, publishing, producing, directing, script writing, and acting, whether in North America or Asia.

The award is given once a year, covering films, TV series, internet series, reality shows, and documentaries, with awards for best film, best documentary, best TV series, best internet series, best reality show, golden publisher, golden producer, golden supervisor, golden script writer, golden director, best actor and best actress.

No. 8 — New York Television Festival

The New York Television Festival was established in 2005 and is held every autumn in Manhattan. It is one of the most acclaimed and influential events in American television, enjoying a stellar reputation with far-reaching influence in the world. The most recognized names in television production gather here, exchange ideas, and formulate strategy.

Each year, the New York Television Festival bestows ten major awards, including best script writer, best director, best actor and actress, and best TV series. Lasting roughly a week, this flagship event of the television industry in New York, the festival regularly attracts thousands of artists, industrial leaders, and TV fans.

No. 9 — The National Associates of Television Program Executives

The National Associates of Television Program Executives (NATPE) was established in 1981. NATPE is a professional, powerfully influential event for film and television media industry in the world as well as an important communications and trade platform for media in America and all over the world. It is also the largest centralized gathering for trading TV shows internationally. NATPE is held every year in January in Miami, Florida.

The hosting party, the American International Exchange Group, is the leading non-profit television-show and software organization in the world. The enterprise aims to raise both quantity and quality of media products. Each year, it decides upon and sets up booths for an almost infinite variety of shows—including animation, outdoor films, films for children, educational films, documentaries, sports shows, cable TV, new media, independent producers, special visual effects, and more.

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