New Migraine Relief Product Provides Headache Sufferers with Alternative Treatment Option

New Migraine Relief Product Provides Headache Sufferers with Alternative Treatment Option
Relief beyond cold compresses.

Galena, IL – The makers of a new migraine relief product are pleased to announce they are providing an alternative treatment option to individuals suffering from debilitating headaches.

The product, called Migraguard, can provide headache sufferers with a safe and effective natural roll-on solution to help relieve pain.  It combines the powerful benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy to quickly relieve headaches.

“It’s no secret that chronic headaches are disruptive,” says Jon, one of Migraguard’s developers.  “The crippling pain will put you down for hours, keeping you away from your job and family while you grapple with the discomfort.”

With Migraguard, however, it can be possible to ease the discomfort of headaches through local application to the head and temples.  As the product is absorbed into the whole body, it penetrates deeper to attack migraine pain without the use of drugs or narcotics.

Migraguard provides users with a host of benefits and features, including:

• The Migraguard formula uses the best in all-natural Peppermint, Spearmint, Lavender, and Roman Chamomile essential oils, along with fractionated coconut oil.

• Migraguard’s quadruple-action formula takes effect within minutes. Molecules from the essential oils interact directly with the nerve cells and block head-pounding pain signals.

• The body quickly absorbs Migraguard’s active ingredients, reaping the benefits of its anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties. Newfound comfort is simply an added bonus.

• Simple application enables users to carry product around without the hassle of pill containers for on-the-go relief.  Migraguard is applied in seconds to the temples, forehead, back of neck, ears, wrists, and even bottoms of feet.

• Can be used day or night.  Since Migraguard is made from 100% therapeutic-grade, natural ingredients, it is highly effective and non-drowsy.

“As someone who suffers from migraines myself, I have certainly used this product,” states Jon.  “While I won’t tell you that you’ll never need to see a doctor or take prescription medication again, I can say with confidence that for me, Migraguard has been a total game-changer.”

For more information about Migraguard, please visit the company’s website at  Additional information can also be found on the company’s Facebook page and Instagram account.  

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