Uncover the secret of high earnings brought by Seytti to members

In the past two years, Seytti has brought 400% of annual earnings for Seytti members. Then why Seytti can bring so high earnings to members? It’s related to unique historical development situation and strong hematopoietic plate of Seytti.

Let’s talk about the history of Seytti at first. At the beginning of establishment, Seytti was simply a community for sports betting and technical discussion of blockchain. Afterwards, originator Terry Sorrell and 1,100 community members established Carlyle online sports betting platform (now Seytti Sports Co., Ltd) and Carlyle digital currency arbitrage platform (now Seytti Digital Assets Management Co., Ltd.) through spontaneous financing.

Except operating costs and R&D expenses, the community distributes all profits to members. In other words, Seytti is not a profitable enterprise, but an enterprise marking profits for all members. Because of sharing treasure and investment opportunities, Seytti becomes fashionable in Europe within two years.

Furthermore, comparing with other enterprises, online sports betting and digital currency arbitrage of Seytti show strong competitive power.

With real-time experience, multiple playing methods, convenient and abundant top-up and withdrawal channels, Seytti online sports betting is highly favored by betting fans. Within two years, Seytti Sports has created betting miracle, namely annual betting amount breaks through 10 billion USD. With the development of internet and communication, internet is developing rapidly towards globalization. By keeping abreast of times, Seytti will continuously improve sports betting and release Baccarat AR photostudio to create immersive atmosphere for betting fans.

As for digital currency betting, Seytti adopts artificial intelligence software, while other teams and enterprises are uncompetitive. In the complex market environment, Seytti can make profits stably through software. Besides, professional team of Seytti can anticipate the market. They can not only seize opportunities for large-scale arbitrage if any market fluctuation, but create opportunities in the case of stable market condition. Seytti Digital Assets Management Co., Ltd. will be not limited to digital currency arbitrage, its exchange and Seytti token for gaming industry will be also created in future.

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