China-hifi-Audio Announces Availability of Dussun V8i & V6i Amplifiers in its Stock

The leading tube amplifier online store can now supply several Dussun products, including Dussun V8i integrated amplifier and Dussun V6i stereo integrated amplifier.

Music lovers can always expect to get high quality tube integrated amplifiers and other tube electronics at reasonable prices from China-hifi-Audio. The online store maintains a significant stock of products from the leading brands, such as Line Magnetic, Cayin, Muzishare, PSVANE, Meixing Mingda and others. They have recently started selling integrated amplifiers from Dussun as well. All Dussun products are 100% brand new and are shipped in the original edition boxes only.

China-hifi-Audio Announces Availability of Dussun V8i & V6i Amplifiers in its Stock

Among different types of Dussun products, the online store maintains a significant stock of the Dussun V8i Class A integrated amplifier. This 500W amplifier is the company’s upgraded 2015 version and is a high-end amplifier. The amplifier comes with a remote control, and it is a new type of Hyper Class A integrated amplifier. With its technologically successful bias circuit, the amplifier can easily achieve an extra large Class A power output. The product is remarkable for its low power consumption and can produce very low heat, and which helps in increasing the product’s longevity.  The spokesperson of the online store reveals that it can maintain the Class A mode output, no matter if the impedance of the speakers drops to a great extent and the output power jumps several times. Thus, this amplifier is far better than most of the traditional Class A amplifiers available in the market.

The spokesperson states that the V8i is actually an extension of the high-end product line of Dussun. The amplifier is designed to completely improve the sound quality and enhance the power output. It can also maintain a control capacity upon the speakers. The spokesperson also talks about the special design of V8i, which include the peak current capacity of 90A and the transformer capacity of 1000VA per channel. The amplifier also employs an adaptive base circuit that again comes with ideal specifications.

Like V8i, the Dussun V6i is another adorable product that China-hifi-Audio has now in its stock. This is the brand new solid state stereo integrated amplifier that can offer Class A amplification. With a shipping weight of 30kg, the amplifier can feature a peak output current of 60A and the transformer capacity per channel can reach up to 600VA.  It also features a multi-stage power supply, and also employs an adaptive base circuit like in the V8i. The amplifier’s system loop increases the signal-to-noise ratio to a higher level and also suppresses the AC power source hum to avoid contamination of the purity of sound.

The spokesperson reveals that the inner configuration of both V8i and V6i feature Dussun’s full symmetrical style and one can learn more about these amplifiers by visiting the website

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