The PR Firm GoodNoon release the 2019 Media Coverage Report. On the top of the list is, of course, politics

The PR Firm GoodNoon release the 2019 Media Coverage Report. On the top of the list is, of course, politics

GoodNoon, a PR and publicity firm based in Brisbane, CA has released their 2019 media coverage report which analyzes media coverage and publicity trends and topics during the first six months of the year.

According to the report, politics seems to be the topic that has been covered most by media. In 2019 indeed “Donald Trump” and “elections” are respectively on the first and second place of the list, following “virgin” and “shooting” on the third and fourth place. Surprisingly, the media coverage of “sport” and “social” appears to be on the bottom of the top 10 list. According to GoodNoon the report was created by extrapolating search volumes and search data from known keyword analyzers and aggregators such as Google Trends, SEMRush, MOZ, and so on.

“Although there are some obvious trends related to people searches, such as “World Cup”, “football”, musical events and news, the use of keyword + ”media coverage” is prevalently done in the politic field. That shows are a strong interest of people on how the media interact with politics much more than other types of industries,” reports GoodNoon.

The publicity effect

Compared to the past, there is an increased interest in media coverage, with people actively trying to understand how this works in order to use it as a marketing channel for their business. In a world less receptive to ads and traditional commercial marketing strategies, but more receptive to referral-type of messages, media coverage has been taking an important role in any marketing and sale strategy. PR through the added credibility given by the journalist, as well as influencer marketing through social media, are nowadays marketing areas that no companies leave behind their overall marketing efforts.

This radical shift in the way users interact with advertising has been directing companies in the adoption of new strategies for conducting sales, particularly online. Traditional local marketing campaigns are nowadays using more than the past brand ambassadors and brand representatives to give visibility to their brands. Social Media has predominantly moved from banner ads to the engagement of influencers. In this renewed scenario it comes with no surprises that also users interactions with brands has changed, and this is well reflected on users search behaviors.

As reported: ”When it comes to building your brand and standing out in the market, so many CEOs only focus on the big picture and on the national coverage. While this is important, it isn’t everything. In fact, most business owners are ignoring one of the most important types of coverage that there is; local coverage. It is important to never miss the opportunity to speak with local journalists or to take advantage of local media coverage, and here are five of the main reasons why.”

The Top Queries

According to the GoodNoon report, the top 5 “media coverage” queries trending on Google Trends are:

  1. trump media coverage;
  2. media coverage of trump;
  3. bernie sanders media coverage;
  4. bernie sanders Breakout
  5. why is media coverage of elections important?

While the top Related Topics are:

  1. United States presidential election, 2016
  2. Bernie Sanders – United States Senator
  3. Ebola virus disease
  4. Donald Trump – 45th U.S. President
  5. Quizlet

It is obvious indeed how people searches related to media coverage is mostly focusing on politics, even more than news.

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