Skin Research Institute Announces New Claymeric Daily Cleanser

The Claymeric Daily Cleanser will be the first daily cleanser from the renowned beauty brand, Skin Research Institute. It uses the power of clay to deep-clean pores, alleviating acne for daily makeup wearers.

JUNE 26, 2019 – Skin Research Institute, LLC, the beauty brand behind RenewGlow and Cryotin, have an exciting new product to release to the public.

“The Claymeric Daily Cleanser is the product of months of research,” said Director of Research and Development Jennifer Leigh. “We wanted to build a high-quality cleanser that would specifically cater to daily makeup users, and clean deep into pores where traditional cleansers don’t reach.”

Makeup buildup can lead to breakouts, acne and damaged skin—even with daily washing. Traditional soap-based cleansers never reach the bottom pore layer—where makeup, dirt and oil get trapped. This was the problem Leigh and her team sought to solve.

“The answer was clay.”

Clay cleansers, once exclusive to spa and salon treatments, have only recently made their way to the consumer sphere. Clay’s fineness means it can reach deep into the pores, and its absorbency sucks up the excess dirt, oil, and makeup leftover by traditional cleansers.

However, not all clay cleansers are created equal, Leigh warns.

“Most clay cleansers on the market only use one or two varieties of clay,” continued Leigh. “this limits their reach and efficacy. Others use filler components and harsh chemicals to enhance their cleaning ability; in the long term, this can trigger acne, inflame and damage skin.”

The Claymeric Daily Cleanser uses four exotic clays from around the world, including Amazonian white kaolin, Moroccan red rhassoul, French green clay, and Greek charcoal bentonite clays. It also features natural anti-inflammatory agents like Turmeric and Chamomile, as well as essential oils like Tea Tree Oil and Orange essential oil to help clear acne and shrink pores.

In all, it’s a formula that promises powerful acne relief and deep cleaning for daily makeup users. You can read more about Claymeric’s ingredients and their benefits here.

The Claymeric Daily Cleanser is set to release later this month. The Skin Research Institute has also committed itself to customer satisfaction, offering a 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee—if customers are at all unhappy with the cleanser, they can return their bottle for a full refund—whether that bottle is full or empty.

“We’re so sure our customers will love the Claymeric Daily Cleanser,” Leigh said, “That we guarantee it for sixty days—that’s longer than a bottle even lasts!”

You can read more about Claymeric Daily Cleanser here.

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