Explains How The Best Vape Pen for Oil Cartridges Can Affect Insurance Costs Explains How The Best Vape Pen for Oil Cartridges Can Affect Insurance Costs

As more states legalize the use of recreational cannabis and vaping, the insurance companies that provide the care people need will certainly take notice. Just as smoking tobacco affects the price of your insurance, so will the use of recreational cannabis. Dr. Helen Weber, a medical adviser at Sanlam, states that the increase for psychosis among users of marijuana is sharply higher than those who do not use and pose a higher risk for the insurance companies. The companies will gauge the level of risk on certain factors such as how often the person consumes cannabis and the history of use associated with it. Not only this, but it may be weighed with the amount of use with other substances and the risks that present themselves due to these important factors. Vaping, on the other hand, is seen as less harmful on a scientific scale, but this will not stop the insurance companies from classifying it in the same risk category for those who use the drug on a recreational and legal basis. 

Dr. Weber states that there is much grey area in the long-term use and effects of marijuana, but the insurance companies stringently assess the smoking of the plant along with vaping it in the same category. Many insurance policies are yet to be put into place, but with increasing the frequency of legalization, the companies are in favor of essentially treating it the same way as tobacco users. These helpful resources will help to shed light on the issue as time goes on. Like everything, there are two sides to every coin. Although this is one opinion, it’s much more complex than some would lead you to believe and many are asking the question, “how will vaping or smoking weed affect the cost of your life insurance?” 

Insurance companies need to figure out whether or not they will cover the loss of marijuana products as well as the effects that the plant can have on the human body. The facts about how it affects us are still very difficult to understand, and that is why many insurance companies are debating whether or not it has the same health implications as cigarettes. has shown that some insurance companies are treating marijuana in a different classification with fewer insurance consequences. The people at Oji Vape are advocates for the use of vaping as a much healthier substitute to smoking and this includes the use of vaping marijuana as opposed to smoking it. 

The laws and insurance policies are not very clear and need to be cleared up. Many are working towards this goal. Doing the correct research, however, will give any prospective marijuana or vape user the right resources.

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