Ruichang, the leading component suppliers for oil refinery and petrochemical industry launch the world’s first Glass Plate Heat Exchanger

Ruichang is the leading supplier of process burner, FCC equipment, heat exchanger. It provides a complete solution for combustion system, SRU system, and FCC system mainly for oil refinery and petrochemical industries. It has recently launched the World’s first Glass plate heat exchanger-REGLASS®, that is mainly used on air preheater in the petrochemical industry. The company has developed the product using the special plate type glass in heat exchanger unit as the main transfer material.

REGLASS® is suitable for the application where the flue gas inlet temperature is less than 200 ?, while the flue gas outlet temperature is lower than the temperature of acid dew point corrosion which is approximately 80 ?. Ruichang is a pioneer in providing a variety of components and equipment for crude oil refinery projects. From FCC equipment to heat exchanger, Ruichang is a one-stop destination to find oil refinery machinery. Apart from being an expert in manufacturing process burner and related equipment for petroleum oil refinery plant, Ruichang is also combustion system experts and believe in continuous innovation and technology.

In addition to REGLASS®, Ruichang has also introduced the Process Burner that is used to providing energy through combustion, to create intermediate and final products. Process burners can be used in a different application through special design such as delayed coking, CDU/VDU, hydrogen production, and ethylene cracking and more. Ruichang, with over 30 years of their experience and continuous developments of their products, has created the process burner with low NOx emission, wide-range operation, and reliability.

The customers can find different varieties of Process burners such as Acid gas directed incinerated burner, Tail gas incinerator burner, Acid gas reaction furnace burner, and online heat furnace burner. Among other products are Heat reaction furnace, Wate heat boiler, Sulfur Condenser in the SRU equipment category as well as Ceramic wear nozzle, Low-pressure water sealed tank, Burner for larger CO incinerator in the FCC equipment.

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