New Ways to Use Video Conferencing to Promote Small Business

As much as things change in the marketing world, many of the time-tested methods in this field remain the same. Marketing has been revolutionized by the Internet and social media, however the older, more conventional ways for businesses to reach out to consumers are still effective. One of these techniques is the venerable Video Conference Call, but with a new twist.

A new service called 1 Click 7 Minutes Interview is reminding business owners and marketers of the power of video conferencing  as well as making it less complicated, easier for newbies to use video conferencing and the ability to create a short, only 7 minutes version of a traditional television host/guest interview.

The goal is to use the newer technology now available as a platform to promote one’s business, product or services. The interview is recorded by the host, saved as a MP4 Video file for easy use by the client to share on all her/his social media that can also be used in multiple marketing projects. The winning magic of it all is the simplicity for the client, only being sent one link to access the host’s platform at an arranged time and the client only needing to click one button.

Doug Mac, the founder and host of 1 Click 7 Minutes Interview, states, “Many marketers and small business owners think of video conferencing as only for larger corporate entities – that they do not have the expertise, knowledge, equipment or ability to hold a video conference. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, if a client owns a device with a camera for video and can click on one link, this client can create a promotional tool that can promote themselves lightyears ahead of their larger competitors not using video promotion. Additionally, the MP4 Video File they will receive could be placed on ALL their social media further expanding their reach for new prospects and customers.”

Doug Mac, founder, was inspired to create this service for some compelling reasons: “I created this service because I’m a small business owner myself. For years, I’ve struggled to use different marketing techniques to best promote my services. When I began experimenting with video conferencing, I suddenly began to think of ways my own customers could use this powerful platform, BETTER. The more I used short video conferencing, the more I loved them. I wanted to share this knowledge with my colleagues, so they can learn about the magic of shorter, easier and more entertaining video conferencing.”

1 Click 7 Minutes Interview will be launched on July 17th, 2019. To secure more information about this new service, visit

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