Mailu Inc. gets $5 million investment from Series A Investment Rounds

“A large investment of $5 million has been acquired by Mailu Inc. who are looking forward to giving even more relevant reasons for their consumers to stick with their presentation and facilities – all focused upon a more effective consumer culture across the board.”

This is to announce that Mailu Inc., the US-based logistics provider, has received approximately $ 5 million in investment from Series A, and is looking forward to improving their logistics network through the release of an entirely new and effective cloud-based management software.

Their efforts have brought innate advantages and other factors at play, which has improved the consumer concerns of people quite effectively. So, naturally, Mailu Inc. has become a definite favorite choice of their own particular logistics service provider all across the board. Their easy-to-understand approach mixed alongside controls that provide an innate understanding of the term ‘availability’ can be said to be a testament to their successes. Bringing down the costs for shipping as such, have proved to be a great motivation for everyone since it eliminates almost 75% of the costs lying in between. There are many other factors to consider across various product segments, as well as the geographic determinants of the consumer for which their effectiveness cannot be denied.

Moreover. Mailu Inc. reviews how hassle free the buying experience has become ever since they started to utilize their services. They are quite certainly comfortable, bereft of any possible issues and people can actually sign up with their address free of cost, which hits home their apparent insistence to an even greater extent. By all measures, it cannot be denied that the investment gathered at Series A events have indicated their potential, as well as how many people actually believe for this reason and many more that shall also be undergoing a probable change in some significant fashion. For this reason and many more, Mailu Inc. has become so successful and effective in achieving all their prescient goals.      


Mailu Inc. is based out of Miami, Florida, and has been effective as one of the most effective logistics service provider for consumers in bringing products at a reasonable price for all across the globe. It has proved to be greatly effective both in terms of facilitating the companies and brands who actually engage in such activities, as well as promoting the most effective packages for consumers to actually celebrate their orders. With the aid of the new cloud management software, Mailu Inc. is looking forward to increasing their salient points even more so, while completely eliminating the negative ones.

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