Sun Times Media Decodes Why The Geraghty Is The Most Popular Choice for Corporate Events and Parties in Chicago

Sun Times Media Decodes Why The Geraghty Is The Most Popular Choice for Corporate Events and Parties in Chicago

Corporate Events in Chicago by The Geraghty
The Geraghty is the top-rated event venue that most organizations prefer for hosting their corporate events.

The Geraghty, an industry-leading venue designed by acclaimed event décor artist, Tom Kehoe, was designed to be fully customizable to accommodate any corporate event in Chicago. Regardless of scale or scope. Sun Times Media researched to find out what attributes to The Geraghty being the venue of choice for a wide range of corporate events, ranging from sales meetings to conferences, to product launches and annual meetings. Leveraging more than 20 years in the industry, Kehoe designed the expansive, 22,000 sq. ft. venue to proactively deliver on the needs of any event professional with ease and efficiency. 

“We were keen to decipher why The Geraghty continues to be the top favorite growing number of corporations for hosting some of their more signature events” say the spokesperson for The Sun Times Media. “The reputation of Tom Kehoe within the events industry is being a tastemaker with unwavering attention to detail. Along with the venues multiple, built in features, and capabilities that cater to an event planners needs make The Geraghty a clear choice when it comes to hosting corporate events. In addition to the venue being proactively designed to deliver on a wide range of creative executions, the space can adjust to accommodate groups of varying sizes.  Intimate setting, break-out sessions are as easy to accommodate as are company-wide addresses, such as annual meetings or town halls. 

There is little doubt that no one offers the level of customization and flexibility of designing options as The Geraghty. With the venue being adjacent to leading event décor company, Kehoe Designs, last-minute edits to design can be made to the overall ambiance with ease and at a much efficient. Being sister companies, event producers from Kehoe Designs know precisely which of their expansive inventory will work best with The Geraghty. The consummate professionals that make up The Geraghty team are at the ready to facilitate any interaction with Kehoe Designs to further streamline the process.

The Geraghtys Venue Manager is Lauren Carey, a seasoned industry professional who adheres to the same, white-glove service expected of a Kehoe Designs venture. Lauren is well versed in the vast capabilities of The Geraghty. She has become a trusted resource in the marketplace as corporate event partners have delighted in her customer service.

With its upscale, residential finishes; expansive and customizable space; state-of-the-art technical capabilities; adjacency to premier event décor; and white-glove customer service remains the venue of choice for discerning clients looking to host corporate events delivered with an elevated sense of sophistication and enhanced efficiency.

About The Geraghty:

The Geraghty is best available event space for corporate events in Chicago. The carefully designed space can be easily customized for hosting corporate events, weddings venue, parties, and more. Creative experts and designers can explore their full range of innovation to host corporate events, weddings venue, parties, and more. The Geraghty is emerging as the best venue Chicago for a host of other events and programs that offers flexibility, sophistication, and creative applications of the highest level.

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