Venture Capital Chaos Terminator: ETE Leads New Direction in Digital Blockchain Industry

From the flash of a simple creative inspiration to the maturity of the project, the entire entrepreneurial team will cost a lot of human and financial resources, and the final landing of the project will require continued funding support. Due to the asymmetry of market information in the innate existence, in the process of seeking financing, entrepreneurs are likely to face the risk of the project being plagiarized and the funds drifting away.

In the venture capital industry, there are also some platforms that use financing as a bait to encourage entrepreneurs to pay high membership fees, but in the end it is like drawing water with a sieve. The platform that claims to serve entrepreneurs is actually smashing from entrepreneurs.

For SMEs, especially start-up entrepreneurs, to avoid risk, it is important to choose the right direction. However, each person’s ability is limited by the innate and acquired factors such as social experience, industry cognition, etc., which greatly increases our cost in project screening and investor selection.

The blockchain economy is one of the fastest-growing and cutting-edge revolutionary technologies. Everyone believes that in the next few decades, governments and companies around the world will invest huge resources to fully apply this technology in every aspect of our lives. As a fast-growing economy, it requires a well-designed, stable, and scalable infrastructure.

With its excellent characteristics of decentralization, trustless, and unchangeable information, it may be able to make up for the defects of congenital and acquired factors such as our social experience and industry cognition. Breaking the contradiction between investment and financing, and promoting the development of blockchain venture capital industry, ETE’s goal is to be the promoter of blockchain technology and the leader of technological innovation. Building a “road and infrastructure” that better serves the public in the world of blockchain helps ETE users innovate faster and more effectively and ultimately achieve greater success.

ETE is a global project, committed on accumulating experience and polishing the platform. As the project progresses, ETE will expand to North America and Europe. In other regions, ETE will continue to adhere to the fastest application and the most extensive industry development. Focus on Ethereum application, provide cornerstone services for blockchain enthusiasts around the world, and use the blockchain industry transformation to gain greater value for the entire ecosystem!

ETEdex (ETE), supported by Ethereum, was jointly initiated by the Ethereum community to analyze and monitor various ecology based on Ethereum, and to supplement the eco-development of Ethereum by blockchain enthusiasts. Investors make reference data for effective hedging investments. ETE is an enterprise-level blockchain platform that integrates the tools and resource platforms required to develop applications for all blockchains, simplifies the development process and modularizes it, enabling organizations of any size to quickly design, deploy and operate distributed Book. ETE can be used both as a B2B platform for businesses and as a freelancer or individual developer to quickly create their own ideas and projects, whether in B2C or C2C mode.

ETE will support distributed custody of blockchain network nodes and off-chain applications, while providing centralized platform services for developing and managing blockchain networks. Many projects will be waving in the short term, but if you look at this field with divergent thinking, you will find his long-term ecological value.

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