Universal group has completed a patent registration of “An Automatic Method to Distribute Referee Cryptocurrency by Utilizing SNS Spread” to U.S Patent and Trademark Office.

Photo: The certificate of international patent registration by U.S Patent and Trademark Office Photo: The certificate of international patent registration by U.S Patent and Trademark Office 

Universal group has announced that ‘an automatic method to distribute referee cryptocurrency by utilizing SNS spread’ has been internationally registered to U.S Patent and Trademark Office.

Universal group has explained that UNIGOLD COIN(UGC), the world first gold-mining experience blockchain cryptocurrency that this technology has been applied to, will be directly listed on BITKER the world 9th cryptocurrency exchange after cutting a deal and processing IEO.

UNI Gold Resort, which consists of a vintage style caravan camping site from U.S western era, swimming pool, cinema, convenience stores, gold mine, BBQ, Wine bar, American coffee shop, American cowboyland etc., is an innovative model of developing a family unit-friendly resort where participants can enjoy staying a night at the area through gold-mining goldrush experience and caravan camping site, activating depressed local economy and hiring only young people to actively contribute to youth job and a global tourism product.

Myeong Ho Song, the Chairman of Universal Group, has revealed his confidence about the anticipating growth of Universal group by saying that “Because UNI Gold coin is directly being listed on global cryptocurrency exchanges abroad such as BITKER through IEO between them, there won’t be any domestic sales. UGC is going to offer gold-mining experience opportunities to 10 millions of users all over the world and UNI Gold Resort will be a global blockchain cryptovalley tourism resort.

Universal group has recently founded UNI cosmetic as an affiliate, Opened a premium food-material luxurious mart ‘UNI Market’ through an investment acquisition of a 12.6 billion KRW sales-sized food material distribution company, developed a blockchain cryptocurrency-based game and made a strategic partnership agreement with LATOKEN the world 8th cryptocurrency exchange.

Universal group has been continuing its success through diversifying business from cryptocurrency development company to a combined group throughout Industries such as UNIPay Fintech, Cosmetic, Real estate development, Distribution & Game.

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