LibraVista, a Comprehensive Facebook Libra Explorer, is launched

In June 28th, 2019, LibraVista announces that it has launched a Facebook Libra Explorer (

Backed up by Facebook, Libra is a decentralized cryptocurrency utilizing the Libra Blockchain technology, which aims to enable a simple global currency and financial infrastructure that empowers billions of people.

“In LibraVista, you will have a comprehensive sight of the entire Libra ecosystem. For instance, you can check each Libra transaction, create Libra Wallet, try Libra applications, and join developer communities,” said Tong Gao, co-founder of LibraVista and TokenClub.

Tong regards Libra and Bitcoin as two different possibilities of cryptocurrency future, and these two paths have a few connections yet there are still a lot left to be merged. Currently, TokenClub serves as the entrance to the Bitcoin-oriented traditional cryptocurrency world, while LibraVista is born to be the window of the new Libra world built by Facebook and its partners.

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