Alternative Replacement Cross Reference for Murata High Voltage Lead Type and Screw Terminal Type Ceramic Capacitor

Alternative Replacement Cross Reference for Murata High Voltage Lead Type and Screw Terminal Type Ceramic Capacitor
Murata announce totally quit high voltage ceramic capacitor market ,and many world class client looking for alternative ,replacement and cross reference for same high quality ceramic disc capacitor and doorknob capacitor, this article introduce detal for HVC Capacitor, worth be acceptable refrerence and give a trial.

Shenzhen, China – Jun 27th, 2019 – HVC Capacitor today announce they have launch special custom product range as replacement of Murata’s high voltage ceramic capacitor in lead type and Screw Terminal (doorknob) Type, concerned part number from DHS / DHK / DHB / DHC, voltage from 2KV, 3KV, 6KV to 10kv, 12kv, 15kv, 20kv to 50kv.

Murata released “Product Withdrawal Notice” in mid of 2018, they stop produce ceramic disc capacitor and doorknob capacitor in full range. Murata’s official reason: high voltage machine market is decrease and they not earn money from those product range… In fact we know Murata not only cut the high voltage ceramic capacitor but also quit the general purpose MLCC market in 2017, The basic raw ceramic material for MLCC and hv ceramic disc caps are the same SrTiO3 and BaTiO2, they just invest these resource to more profitable market – Automobile MLCC business.

Murata is world No.1 market share of MLCC, and also world No.1 market share of high voltage ceramic capacitors,major market in West Europe,USA and most of Japanese market. HVC understand Murata existing customer urgently seeking for fine replacement hv capacitors that good performance and not changing PCB board, also need component upgrade support to design their new models.  

HVC Capacitor is good solution for Murata’s product replacement /Alternative/ Cross Reference. HVC produce hv ceramic capacitor from 1kv to 100kv, another top brand selling publicly for 100kv item only AVX. HVC with successful case on replacing Vishay / Murata / AVX and TDK’s ceramic disc and doorknob capacitor. And most of HVC’s end customer in field of X-ray, CT, MRI, NDT, plasma generator, Laser equipment, Tesla Coil, Marx Generator and Power Electrical equipment, even Military Industry, that is same to Murata’s application market.

Following unique advantage making HVC as good alternative.

1. HVC is strong in N4700 class ceramic dielectric, which is commonly-used in application required high voltage withstand, low dissipation, high frequency performance. Murata use “ZM” type and Vishay marking is “T3M” same to N4700 class. HVC also have own patent of his own version of N4700 ceramic dielectric.

2. HVC usually provide technical consultant and even circuit diagram analysis ensure right component selection, which required strong electronic component knowledge and application experience.Right component selection is critical for project success. This also call “design-in” service.

3. HVC offer high percentage of custom production according to customer’s PCB space, custom product diameter, lead spacing and other detail.

4. In most of case, using HVC as replacement means cost down and also shorten production lead time. low voltage model 1kv to 6kv lead time in 3 to 5 days, common model 10kv to 30kv in 2 weeks, custom production in 3 weeks, doorknob type common model in 4 weeks, custom spec doorknob model in 6 to 8 weeks.

5. HVC Capacitor has established an international sales network, with authority distributors in Germany, France, UK, USA, Italy, Russia, India, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore. Local distributors offering logistic, stock buffering, customer local caring, business visiting, payment credit and other value added services. customer can buy HVC’s component just like buying from domestic.

6. HVC assist customer for new project development or product upgrade, which always means higher voltage and higher frequency capacitors requirement.

Following frequently ask Murata’s ceramic disc and doorknob model vs HVC replacement model.

Ceramic disc Type:

DHR4E4A102K2BB—-HVC item:HVC-10KV-DL15-F10-102K (10KV 102 N4700)

DHR4E4C102K2FB—-HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL18-F12.5-102K (15KV 102 N4700)

DHRB34A102M2BB—-HVC item:HVC-10KV-DP15-F10-102K (10K 102 Y5P)

DHRB34C102M2FB—-HVC item:HVC-15KV-DP18-F12.5-102K (15KV 102 Y5P)

DHRB34B102K2BB—-HVC item:HVC-12KV-DL16-F9.5-102K (12KV 102 N4700)

DHR4E4B101K2BB—-HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL07-F9.5-101K (15KV 101 N4700)

DHRB34C471M3FB—-HVC item:HVC-15KV-DP13-F9.5-471K (15KV 471 Y5P)

DHRB34C101M2BB—-HVC item:HVC-15KV-DP07-F9.5-101K (15KV 101 Y5P)

DHR4E4B471K2BB—-HVC item:HVC-12KV-DL14-F9.5-471K (12KV 471 N4700)

DHR4E4C221K2BB—-HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL11-F9.5-221K (15KV 221 N4700)

DHR4E4C471K2BB—-HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL14-F9.5-471K (15KV 471 N4700)


DHS4E4G441KH2B—-HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL30-441K

DHS4E4G701KL2B—-HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL45-701K

DHS4E4C192KL2B—-HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL38-192K

DHS4E4F272KT2B—-HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL60-272K

DHS4E4F941MLXB—-HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL38-941K

DHS4E4G202KT2B—-HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL60-202K

DHSF44D482ZT2B—-HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-E60-482K

DHSF44G571ZHXB—-HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-D30-571K

DHS4E4G701KL2B—-HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL38-701K

DHSF44G272ZTXB—-HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-E60-272K

Other Murata model replacement also available upon request.

HVC also produce Y capacitor (, MOV varistor, and radial lead type MLCC:

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