As the War Rages over Reproductive Rights, a New Set of Patents Empower Women’s Right to Choose

Austin, TX – With women’s reproductive rights at the forefront of both the nation’s mind and news headlines, a new set of patents and technology is improving the ability of women to make better informed decisions about their reproductive health. With the introduction of the birth control pill to the market in 1960, women could for the first time deter pregnancy by their own choice. Then, in 1973, the Supreme Court heard the case of the anonymous Jane Roe, an unmarried Texas mother who claimed the state violated her constitutional rights by banning the practice. By a 7-2 vote, the Court agreed.  It took pioneers willing to buck the system to foster improvements and now one such technology pioneer is helping the decision making cause.

Billions of daily internet transactions, over 11 billion mobile devices and 92% of every single car on the road today utilize this award winning inventor’s globally licensed technology patents and drivers don’t even know the inventor which helps make it all possible.  For example, when web sites layouts morph automatically adjusting to your device’s viewing screen, this inventor’s patents were key.  When your PC, TV, Phone, Cable Box and other devices do auto-updates and no cd’s or other media is needed to install software, well that his patents too!

Legendary inventor and tech pioneer Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, son of a German immigrant over the last 3 years set his eyes on improving not only women’s healthcare but the healthcare of everyone globally.  After reading that women in Miami, who were being exposed to the Zika Virus had to wait as long as 12 weeks to get back test results showing whether or not their pregnancy had been exposed to the horrible Zika Virus (Zika Virus Disease is caused by a virus transmitted primarily by Aedes mosquitoes, which bite during the day), Pulitzer jumped into action. 

“To know you are pregnant but to suspect you have been exposed to the Zika Virus and then have to wait over 12 weeks of a 40 weeks pregnancy for results is unacceptable.  We had to do something about it and fast!” The end result is a new patented line of pregnancy tests which will not only be able to detect your pregnancy sooner, but will also be able to detect if you have been exposed to the dreaded Zika Virus, enabling women to make better informed health care decisions. The United States Patent and Trademark office list the base patents as: Arbovirus indicative birth defect risk test and Pregnancy test to assess disease risk.

Over 300 of the top tech and commerce companies license Pulitzer’s patents. Companies such as Amazon, eBay, Google, Walgreens Co, Crate & Barrel Holdings, Inc., Microsoft, Barnes & Noble, Inc., and countless others. Pulitzer has stated that his technology incubator FLIP.Ventures and one of his recent startups called is “committed to improving the level of health care for all American’s while drastically reducing the costs.” 

The ultimate goal is to radically improve the quality of healthcare with an additional target of cutting costs in half, or at least making treatment even cheaper than most people insurance co-pays.”  To most worried about the health care in America that is a solid business proposition all Americans can benefit from.

As states, Congress and our government battles over women’s right to choose, it is nice to know there are some people taking active steps to truly improve the healthcare of women and give them the tools they need to make better informed decisions.

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