RoadLINX, a Toronto-based Freight Trucking and International Shipping Company, Discusses How To Ship Temperature Sensitive Goods

Canadian winters are known for being quite cold. In fact, we’re one of the coldest nations in the world with an average daily annual temperature of 5.6ºC. If you’re transporting goods over long distances during the winter, you might be concerned about the temperature of the contents, especially if you’re transporting goods that are very temperature sensitive. Things like cosmetics, adhesives, chemicals, and various other goods won’t do well in an average truck. If the liquid being shipped freezes at above 10ºC or requires a specific temperature, a heated truck can come in handy to protect your shipment.

There are some products that will arrive at their destination in good condition, despite the temperature of the truck. However, there are many compounds that can’t be frozen and it’s important to ship them in a heated truck that offers a regulated temperature. The heated truck will protect the goods, and because it’s properly enclosed, windy or cold environments won’t damage the freight. You might be tempted to opt out of heated transportation as the cost can be slightly higher than regular transportation, but consider the money lost if the product arrives to it’s destination damaged or unusable.

Who offers heated transportation to protect the integrity of my products?

RoadLINX, located in Toronto, ON, offers heated transportation for those looking to ship temperature sensitive goods anywhere in Canada or in the US. Similar to reefer trucks, heated trucks have many of the same features, but their temperature controls are set to a warmer degree. They can act as both heaters and coolers to protect the integrity of your products. The heating side of the temperature dial allows you to ship goods in the winter months while the cooling side of the temperature dial allows you to ship goods in the summer months.

A heated truck is not only great for shipping goods in the winter, but it’s also good for shipping goods in areas where temperatures can drop below freezing, such as mountainous areas that are at a cooler, higher level of altitude. You can trust that your shipment will make it to its destination in perfect condition. If you’re shipping something like produce, for example, that doesn’t necessarily need to be frozen but needs to stay fresh, a heated truck is perfect.

RoadLINX will work with you to determine what the best temperature is for your specific product, then they’ll set the temperature to whatever you need and it will keep, regardless of the temperature outside of the truck. This saves you money in the long-run as you can rest assured knowing your products will stay fresh and in optimal condition.

About RoadLINX

RoadLINX is a freight trucking and international shipping company, located in Toronto, ON, that offers a range of services, including but not limited to heated trucks, cross border shipping, warehousing solutions, and more. They ensure cost-effective, safe, and reliable transportation for those who need to deliver goods.

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