Creative Biostructure Has Updated Its NMR Services for Biopharmaceutical Development

Creative Biostructure Has Updated Its NMR Services for Biopharmaceutical Development

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To better its service portfolio of structure determination and biochemical analysis, Creative Biostructure has strengthened its NMR service capabilities and introduced new advanced instruments for its NMR platform.

Creative Biostructure, a US-based supplier of contract services in structural biology, has updated its NMR services to help clients worldwide accelerate drug discovery and development. The company claims to have broadened its capability range and introduced more modern instruments aiming to achieve leading position in biopharmaceutical development.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is a method of great importance especially concerned with biochemistry, structural biology and biopharmaceuticals. NMR spectroscopy is the key to analyze the structure and dynamics of a variety of biochemical materials ranging from small molecules, macromolecules, to complex compounds. It’s particularly useful in developing drug-like inhibitors for drug discovery.

Creative Biostructure features its NMR services with various isotope-labeling strategies for biochemical structure studies and comprehensive analysis of both liquid and solid samples. The company’s updated NMR services include but are not limited to:

  • Compound structure determination
  • Chemical composition
  • Dynamics, disorder analysis
  • Isotope-labeled protein production
  • In vivo magnetic resonance imaging
  • Molecular characterization
  • Mapping structure of biological drugs by NMR
  • NMR mapping for living cells
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Quality Control
  • Reaction kinetics examination
  • Stable isotope labeling for nucleic acids
  • Combining NMR and mass spectrometry for metabolomics
  • Combining X-ray crystallography and solution NMR data
  • NMR analysis for biopharmaceutical development

The company has also set up a MagHelix™ NMR platform with state-of-art instruments in order to provide a complete process of sample preparation, data acquisition, spectral screening and data analysis. The platform is newly equipped with Bruker AVANCE 900 MHz, AVANCE III 600 MHz-HD, AVANCE III-NanoBay and other modern spectrometers. A wide range of NMR software including Topspin 2.1 and NUTS for spectral processing, Autoassign and Sparky for assignments, Procheck for validation, and MolMol and Pymol for molecular graphics have been installed in the workstation.

“We have a team of experts in pharmaceutical development, clinical safety and efficacy evaluation to guarantee the quality control of NMR data analysis,” says Flora Jones, Chief Research Scientist of Create Biostrcture, “Our NMR platform with well-equipped instruments and analytical services are all in compliance with GLP and GMP standards.”

To learn more about Creative Biostructure’s updated NMR services and its MagHelix™ NMR platform, visit The company provides cost-effective analysis of high yield NMR data as well as customized drug screening and design. Contact the company by emailing [email protected] or making a call during business hours is recommended.

About Creative Biostructure

Based in Shirley, New York, USA, the company specializes in providing high quality membrane proteins and relevant membrane protein services. In order to satisfy the custom drug discovery and development needs of clients worldwide, Creative Biostructure has set up a variety of cost-effective platforms and comprehensive strategies to provide better protein-based drugs and and high-solution biochemical crystals. Except for NMR services, the company also features in protein crystallization, membrane protein expression and Cryo-EM services.

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