Bipolar, Heaven and Hell by George “Many Waters” Davis – the Symptoms and Struggles of Having Bipolar Disorder and Praying to be a Teachable Spirit

Bipolar, Heaven and Hell by George “Many Waters” Davis – the Symptoms and Struggles of Having Bipolar Disorder and Praying to be a Teachable Spirit

Buckingham, Virginia– June 29, 2019: Bipolar disorder is such a deeply affecting mental illness; it often crumbles all aspects of life. No one knows this better than George “Many Waters” Davis, who has struggled with the disorder for more than 40 years and authored the book “Bipolar, Heaven and Hell.” He can detect the symptoms of bipolar disorder in people because he has been dealing with this for over four decades. He hopes that “Bipolar, Heaven and Hell” would be read by such people so that they can get a grip on what’s happening and get timely medical help.

“Bipolar, Heaven and Hell” is within the genre of psychiatric and mental health. In George “Many Waters” Davis’ case, it happened when he was drafted as a young man. His first manic episode occurred when he was in Nam. Before that, he was a hardworking young man who became a Tugboat Captain. With Bipolar disorder fastening its insidious grasp on him, Davis was fearless, getting into dangerous assignments voluntarily, his head, filled with grandiose ideas.

Davis says, “That was the beginning of the end of life as I knew it.  This book is about how I have slowly learned how to deal with BIPOLAR Disease.  I hope writing this little book helps others face and learn how to deal with this life changing disease.”

By authoring the book “Bipolar, Heaven and Hell,” George “Many Waters” Davis is embracing a teachable spirit – after more than 40 years of living with bipolar disease, there isn’t much that he hadn’t seen or heard. He wants to help people clinically diagnosed with bipolar understand what’s unfolding in them by reading “Bipolar, Heaven and Hell.”

“Bipolar, Heaven and Hell” has spirituality nuances in it and it’s the author’s faith in God that he had risen above the odds and successfully published this book. He spends much of his time talking about our God and our Angels.

About the author

At his core, George “Many Waters” Davis is just a simple country man from humble beginnings who ended up with the mind and life shredded by war, PTSD, and a mental illness known initially as Manic Depression and now known as Bipolar Disorder. Over the years, he had been through a lot dealing with what BIPOLAR can do to the mind, identity, relationships and belief in oneself. It’s almost impossible to figure out who one is when their thoughts can’t be trusted. It also takes a long time to validate whenwhat one feels isn’t always valid.

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