What to Consider When Choosing a Connecticut Janitorial Services Company

What to Consider When Choosing a Connecticut Janitorial Services Company
Hire a janitorial service in CT, you will be given a building consultation to determine what needs to be done.

Running your own business is a lot of work. Not only are you responsible for sales and marketing to get clients, you must keep employees productive, products and/or services delivered, financials in order and your property looking great. Somewhere between putting out the fires and planning for the future, there must be time for day-to-day operations.

One way to leverage your time, keep employees productive, and customers coming back, is by utilizing a janitorial service in Connecticut.

Leverage Your Time:

In business it is important to focus on revenue generating activities, as well as making sure you are doing the work you are best at while delegating tasks that aren’t. For most business owners, managers and even front-line staff, performing janitorial services isn’t their best use of time.

Even those who enjoy cleaning, find commercial cleaning to be quite different, and even overwhelming. After all, cleaning your own bathroom is a lot different than cleaning bathrooms in a commercial space.

Additionally, most janitorial service in Connecticut are done at night, when customers, and staff aren’t working. This means they can do a clean without bothering day to day business. 

Keep Employees Productive:

Employees who have a clean, uncluttered space get more done. Cleanliness means they aren’t picking up germs from their desks, the air, bathrooms, or shared space areas (conference rooms, breakrooms, kitchens, etc.). Less germs could mean less sick days.

Uncluttered space means they have the tools, equipment and procedures in place to insure they are able to perform their jobs well. When a janitorial service is used, procedures are automatically in place for cleaning that require staff to keep a cleaner area. Additionally, the cleaning service will make sure all trash is removed, dust and germs are wiped off flat services.

When clients come into your office or place of business, there is no doubt they will form an opinion based on cleanliness of your building or office. Trash receptacles should be empty. 

What is a Janitorial Service CT Responsible For?

hire a janitorial service in CT, you will be given a building consultation to determine what needs to be done. It can include:

  • Trash removal
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Flat surface sanitation
  • Bathroom sanitation
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Common area cleaning
  • Window washing
  • Power washing (garages, parking lots, exterior, walkways, etc)
  • Pre- and post remodel/construction cleaning
  • Cleaning supply management
  • Cleaning equipment maintenance

So the next time you are searching janitorial service near me choose TMG Cleaning Services. We are a full service residential cleaning company and commercial cleaning company equipped to keep your home or business in top shape for years to come. Our hundreds of happy clients can testify to the quality of our work, the efficiency of our professionals, and the beautiful clean that they experience. If you’re ready to see how a professional can upgrade your home or commercial building and keep your space sparkling, 
contact TMG Cleaning Services today and schedule a professional cleaning for your home or office or fill out the form on this page and we’ll contact you!

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