How Doors and Windows Can Help Saving on Heating Costs

How Doors and Windows Can Help Saving on Heating Costs

Insulation has become a major concern for many during the winter and even in the summer. When it comes to the winter, heating costs can get out of control, and fast. There are many issues that can cause a person’s heating bill to skyrocket, but the one thing that usually comes up as being the major issue is how well their house is insulated.

The first thing one thinks is that it’s the insulation in the walls, basement, or ceiling that’s the issue. This is an important part of keeping a home warm but there is one thing that’s forgotten quite often and that is windows and doors. Everyone tends to think that those nice, thick walls are what’s betraying them during a long, cold winter, but a home’s doors and windows can be just as problematic.

A low quality or poorly constructed door can leak hot air out into the cold worse than anything else in a house, short of a big hole in the wall! What people don’t realize is just how insulation works. There has been more than one amateur renovator who has believed that stuffing as much insulation into a wall is the best way to go. It’s easy to believe that the more insulation you stuff into a wall, the better insulated it is, but that’s not the purpose of it at all!

The purpose of insulation is to create trapped air between the inside of a house and the outside. It’s actually that air which provides the best form of insulation and it is also why doors and windows operate on the same basic concept. People wonder how it is that windows and doors manage to keep too much heat from flowing outside during the winter and for windows it is the double panes that create that cushion of dead air. Most doors are actually hollow to some degree, which allows them to be good insulators, as well.

This is the reason why no one should ever purchase a cheap, poorly constructed door or window. If a door is porous, for instance, then it may be allowing a great deal of heat through it. If a window isn’t properly sealed, then it too can allow heat transfer outside.

Not only is this important during the winter, but it can also save money during those hot summers, as well. Those insulated doors and windows keep the heat in during the winter but they also keep out the heat during the summer, allowing an air-conditioner or heat-exchange system to work more effectively.

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