Trissola Hair Care Treatment Releases the Lowest Amount of Methylene Glycol (Formaldehyde) On the Market

Trissola Hair Care Treatment Releases the Lowest Amount of Methylene Glycol (Formaldehyde) On the Market
Keratin treatment for hair is very powerful in restoration, rejuvenation, and strengthening. Trissola offers professional treatment that ensures the release of the lowest amount of formaldehyde, while ensuring proper care for the hair

Having good and healthy hair is an essential part of everyday lifestyle. However, proper hair treatment requires the attention of professional making use of cutting edge hair care products the right way.

Trissola’s range of hair care product is one of the best options for anyone who wants to make their hair strong, healthy, clean, and looking great. They offer professional treatment and hair products, essential for professional hair stylists and home use respectively.

Products made by Trissola, including True + True Plus, release the lowest amount of methylene glycol (formaldehyde) on the market when administered by professionals. Their treatments deliver a comfortable experience for the professional and their clients.

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Trissola specializes in the manufacturing of Keratin treatment for professional services and home use. In the past, the “Keratin industry” has had bad press because of the presence of formaldehyde fumes released during service.

Products by Trissola produces the least amount of formaldehyde fumes during treatment or service. The success of the company is delivering such quality products lies in the education of hairstylist on how to properly apply it. They are able to achieve this by offering classes to help stylists learn how to use each of their products to meet their clients’ needs.

Professional treatment products offered by Trissola includes True Mild Keratin Treatment and True plus Advanced Formula. These are products that allow professionals to customize their clients’ treatment and at the same time remove frizz, open up curl, reduce blow drying time and add shine and manageability to hair.

Exposure to environmental elements and lack of essential vitamins and minerals in the body may lead to hair falling, dulling, or breaking. Professional hairstylists make use of the Trissola Solo and Forever Ends to offer anti-aging treatment that adds shine, eliminate frizz, and strengthen hair.

The Trissola product “Hydrate” is an essential item to have for home care. When used properly and regularly will help hydrate the hair, repair damaged locks, and make hair look healthy. Chia is also a quality product with a high volume of anti-oxidant properties that strengthen the hair.

Trissola products will transform any hair within 90 minutes. The powerful natural ingredients make it possible to wash and style hair the same day, thereby reducing styling time. All products are guaranteed to provide maximum benefits for professional stylists as well as individual users at home.

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