Ammbrtech is pleased to announce its first commercial deployment in Watkins Mill, Missouri

Ammbrtech is pleased to announce its first commercial deployment in Watkins Mill, Missouri
In line with its strategy, and with US Government initiatives to improve broadband Internet access in rural America, Ammbrtech is pleased to announce its first commercial deployment in Watkins Mill, Missouri.

Watkins Mill, Missouri – July 2, 2019 – Ammbrtech, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of a wireless broadband deployment across several homesteads in Watkins Mill, Missouri.  Utilizing long-range wireless backhaul provided by a local ISP, Ammbrtech deployed an Ammbr autonomous mesh network connecting the property receiving the backhaul signal and seven other homes in the surrounding area. Each home now has a strong wireless broadband signal supporting at least 20mbps download speed.

A mesh network differs from conventional hub-and-spoke network deployments because each access point in the mesh can, in principle, route traffic via any other access point to the closest backhaul gateway. This gives the network a high degree of resilience and adaptability.

“This deployment, although modest, is the first step in our proving that rural deployment can be achieved at low capital expenditure, and low ongoing operational costs,” Derick Smith, CEO of Ammbrtech explains the significance of the Ammbr approach. “We design and manufacture a range of carrier grade autonomous wireless networking devices, that use multi-radio mesh that dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of deploying wireless access infrastructure. Unlike competing systems, our self-configuring and self-healing networks are typically low-power and require little technical intervention. As a result, we can deliver voice and broadband anywhere, even in places where traditional telecom has been weak or totally absent.”

According to the FCC only 65% of the rural United States enjoys broadband quality Internet, in contrast to 97% in urban areas. On Tribal lands, barely 60% have access. Roughly 30 million people cannot reap the benefits of the digital age in the United States. Ammbrtech is committed to building out broadband infrastructure around the world, utilizing a unique blend of technologies and an inclusive, decentralized business model. Deployments of the technology is already taking place in partnership with local operators in India and the Philippines.

About Ammbrtech:

AmmbrTech, Inc. is a developer and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of telecommunications and edge computing technologies. The company deploys decentralized telecommunications and cloud solutions in a number of countries, targeting rural and underserved communities.

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