Matexcel Added More Chitosan Products to Meet Market Demands

NEW YORK, USA, July 01, 2019 —Matexcel is a materials science company committed to providing polymers, nanoparticles and other materials. In the van of this industry, Matexcel holds the key to its implications for the development of materials producing industry and the demands of the whole market. Recently, Matexcel explored the types of Chitosan products to gear the current trend of industrial development and customers’ needs. To be specific, in addition to the old types of research grade chitosan and Chitosan for water treatment, cosmetic grade chitosan and medical grade chitosan are added in the chitosan product lists.


Cosmetic Grade Chitosan


In recent years, people’s demands on cosmetics have changed to its scientific beauty care function and the raw materials used in cosmetics tend to be natural materials instead of synthetic materials. As a type of natural polymer compound of low price, chitosan has effective functions of moisture absorption, hair care, moisturizing skin, and perfect inhibiting effect on the bacteria, which has attracted widespread attention to the cosmetics industry.


In addition, Chitosan will effectively absorb heavy metal elements, skin toxins, hormones and other residues caused by long-term inappropriate makeup cleaning and environmental factors such as haze. Oligomeric chitosan, especially chitosan oligosaccharide, has the ability to inhibit melanin on the skin surface when being made into skin creams with lactic acid, citric acid, sorbitol, spices, etc.


Generally speaking, because of its exemplary performance, chitosan has been widely used in various cosmetics such as face cleanser, shampoo, solid hair mousse, skin cream, soap, etc., which all exhibit good effects. From the view of current research progress and its application prospects, chitosan and its derivatives have immeasurable application potential in cosmetics.


With years of experience in Chitosan extraction, Matexcel has developed mature Chitosan products of more than 97% purity and less than 1% ashes. Cosmetic grade Chitosan added this time are 125mpa.s and 40mpa.s.


Medical Grade Chitosan


Experimental studies have found that chitosan-assisted drugs have targeting ability and slow-releasing effect, which can improve drug stability and efficacy. At this stage, more and more researches are focused on the use of chitosan to improve the bioavailability of drugs.


Chitosan contributes positively to increase the drug effect on the target, thereby increasing the concentration of the drug in the target organs and tissues, at the same time reducing the amount of drug administration to avoid drug release before reaching the target. Finally, adverse drug reactions are reduced.


The outstanding film-forming property of chitosan directly promotes the application of chitosan in sustained-release membranes. The duration of the drug will be markedly prolonged when the sustained release film made from chitosan implanted into the living body or covering the surface of the wound. Furthermore, it is degradable and of no adverse reactions.


In order to keep the pace of the market development, Matexcel has launched a new product of medical grade chitosan (69mpa.s) of 95% deacetylation and less than 1ppm heavy metals. After being taken from Alaska snow crab, acid and alkanoic treatment are used in the production process. The product can be applied in gel, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.


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