Creative Enzymes Released New Product of Lactase Powder for Dairy Processing

NEW YORK, USA, July 01, 2019—Creative Enzymes is a biotechnology company providing enzymes used in the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and scientific researches. Our blueprint for success is to develop and enhance more enzyme products for our customers. Monday morning this week, Jeff Buckland, the product manager of Creative Enzymes, announced that we began to provide the concentrated food-grade lactase powder for dairy processing, which will significantly accelerate the research and development of new dairy products of nutrition and good taste.


As we all know, a lot of lactose exists in milk and whey, which are regarded as the main carbohydrate in dairy products. However, quantities of people in the world (about 70%) cannot digest dairy products well because of lactase deficiency or lactose intolerance. With the development of biotechnology and the discovery of food-grade lactase, this problem has been well solved.


Lactase is widely distributed in plants, animals and microorganisms. The main sources of plants are peach, plum, apricot, apple, almond, coffee beans, etc. The main sources of animals are intestines, brain and other organs and skin tissues. The main sources of microorganisms are Escherichia coli, lactic acid, bacteria, yeasts, molds, etc. Practically, food-grade lactase is generally obtained from microorganisms. Creative enzymes selected high-quality Aspergillus oryzae as the source and the lactase obtained, after our exclusive process of extraction, concentration and precipitation, has a stronger ability of hydrolysis.


As Jeff Buckland, the product manager, said that the application of lactase in dairy products is an inevitable trend in the development of the dairy industry, lactase is now widely used in dairy products.


The low-lactose milk produced via the process of lactose hydrolysis features a stronger aroma and better sweet taste, which strikingly ameliorates the quality and the nutritional value of the milk. On the other hand, however, the production cost is higher than normal milk whose lactase has not been hydrolyzed. Choosing Creative Enzymes lactase powder will relieve your concerns on costs because of the reasonable price.


Only about 20% of the lactose in the yogurt will be decomposed during the fermentation process. Adding a certain amount of lactase, more lactose, almost up to 90% of the total, can be hydrolyzed which means stronger milk flavor and better taste. Under the same conditions, the coagulation time will be shortened by 35-40% when lactase is applied in the process of yogurt making. In addition, since the quick growth rate of the lactic acid bacteria in the low-lactose yogurt, the content of the bacteria will highly increase, which radically prolongs the shelf life of the fermented milk.


As the consumer market gradually forms the expectation of consumption upgrade, the rising of high-quality dairy products has generated tremendous impetus to the technological innovation of the dairy industry. With the rapid growth of demand for low lactose dairy products, the dairy industry is bound to face great opportunities, that is, to open up a new market segment, so that dairy products can be accepted by people who could not absorb them, and applying lactase to dairy products is the first step.


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