Trading Strategy Guides has announced the release of a new Forex position calculator

Trading Strategy Guides (TSG) has announced the release of a new forex position calculator. The purpose of this calculator is to help all prospective traders calculate risk and manage various forex positions.

The calculator can be used for trading all of the world’s major currencies, including USD, GBP, EUR, and various others. When used correctly, traders will have more control over their exposure to risk, while still maintaining the possibility for strong returns.

The calculator is completely “neutral”, meaning it will be up to traders to determine the level of risk they wish to expose themselves to. Traders will need to manually enter personal inputs, including the total account size, the percentage they are willing to risk with each trade, and the stop-loss orders they plan to issue.

Throughout the process of designing the calculator, TSG sought to create a solution that was both intuitive and easy to use. After selecting the currency that the account is held in, traders will then be able to select the currency pair they wish to trade. After these simple steps, it will then be up to the trader to choose their manual inputs.

Once the calculation has been completed, traders will then be able to see the ideal position size, including quotes for standard lots, mini lots, and micro lots. While these units are all related to one another, using a base ten scale, TSG determined that giving multiple different quotes would allow traders to develop a more flexible trading strategy.

The calculator also makes it easier for traders to see the exact amount of money that is currently being risked. Previous iterations of forex trading calculators were often much more ambiguous when it came to reading this particular measure.

Helping Develop More Dynamic Trading Strategies

Because TSG’s new forex trading calculator is strategy-neutral, it can be utilized in a wide range of different trading situations. Being able to quickly change between currencies makes it much easier for traders to determine which currencies are most appropriate.

In addition to the calculator, which is free to use and can be accessed via TSG’s website, TSG has also decided to offer a considerable amount of educational materials for both new and experienced traders.

These educational materials discuss things such as various technical indicators, different types of trading strategies, and how to create a trading strategy that is compatible with a given risk profile. In an effort to remain competitive in a crowded trading space, TSG updates these materials on a very regular basis.

TSG’s forex position size calculator has been praised for its ease of use and relative accessibility. The calculator sought to improve on previous designs, while still maintaining the components that were proven most effective. TSG hopes that the calculator will help people realize that, even if you are not good at math or are an inexperienced trader, the world of forex trading can still be easily accessed.

Though TSG offers materials that can be used in all trading environments, it has placed a specific emphasis on the world of forex trading. With over $5 trillion moving through the forex market every single day, it is by far the busiest market in the entire world.

TSG has come to recognize that in times of economic uncertainty, the forex market presents some of the strongest opportunities for regular, daily returns. While the company cannot guarantee that any given day will be profitable, it attempts to provide the materials necessary to help traders maximize their average rate of return.

Overall, TSG’s innovative new calculator has already made a major impact on the market. When paired with the corresponding forex power indicator tool, the company believes they have truly created something special.

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