Brand-new Proscenic M7 Launches on Prime Day Launches Event Exclusively for Amazon Prime Members

Proscenic, a leading brand in the smart-home appliance industry announced the launch of their new Proscenic M7 and GT320 robot vacuum cleaners. Proscenic is a global enterprise that specializes in the research, development, and production of robotic home cleaners and cleaning appliances. The products feature proprietary technologies and advanced concepts in cleaning, mapping, and navigation. This year, Proscenic has been selected as one of Amazon’s Selling Partners at its Prime Day Launches event, and all Prime members can find the brand-new Proscenic M7 through a dedicated Prime Day Launch page.

• M7 offers the deepest clean with an advanced technology

Proscenic M7 offers the most up-to-date 360-degree LDS laser-based navigation system, accurate mapping capabilities, a micro-sensing electronic control water tank, and an improved Y-sweep mopping design for more thorough and effective cleaning. Proscenic M7 also boasts Alexa integration, as well as app-based controls.


The 360-degree LDS laser-based navigation system allows the robot to completely scan its surroundings. With its SLAM mapping algorithm, it can map out the interior of your home and create real-time planning routes. Proscenic M7 features a distinctive Y-shaped mopping design that enables its triple-pass mopping action to do a complete cleaning. Thanks to its app-control feature, this bot promises smart mapping and a logical cleaning pattern to cover all parts of the hardwood or carpeted floors. Also, the Proscenic M7 has a large-capacity water tank that releases a steady supply of water to give floors a truly deep clean.

An automatic robot vacuum that can clean your entire house: GT320

Proscenic GT320 delivers fresh, clean floors throughout the entire home. Ideal for hard floor surfaces, such as hardwood, tile, and stone, the Proscenic GT320 robot features a vision navigation technology that helps the robot get into corners and along edges.

If the battery level of your Proscenic GT320 becomes too low while cleaning, the vacuum will automatically return to the charging station and resume cleaning immediately after charging its battery. Proscenic GT 320 also uses bionic mopping modes and contains a water tank that holds up to approximately 130mL of water. The bionic design of the water tank ensures a stable water flow.


“The Proscenic M7 and GT320 are the most advanced robots Proscenic has ever built. Along with the advanced cleaning features, the mapping and navigation intelligence of the Proscenic robot provides customers with a vacuum that can mop their whole home,” the Overseas Department Manager from Proscenic said. “It is our honor to be selected as a Selling Partner in the Amazon Prime Day Launches event. By continually focusing on the development and innovation of intelligent cleaning technology, Proscenic will create more cost-effective cleaning robots and appliances for customers.”

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