Renowned Texas Law Firm Presents 2018 Texas Pedestrian Traffic Accident Statistics

Renowned Texas Law Firm Presents 2018 Texas Pedestrian Traffic Accident Statistics

DALLAS, TX – July 2nd, 2019 – The Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston serving law firm, Tate Law Offices, is proud to be able to share valuable statistics regarding the rising problem of pedestrian accidents.

Since the year 2010, pedestrian-traffic fatalities have more than doubled. In the year 2018, 643 out of the total 7908 pedestrian traffic accidents in Texas resulted in death. This equates to about 8% of all pedestrian accidents in the state. While these numbers may seem staggering, there is some hope for improvement. Neither 2017 (629 deaths) nor 2018 (643 deaths) have been as bad as 2016 (711 deaths). Perhaps there will be a steady decrease in years to come.

These statistics beg the question: why has there been such a drastic increase in pedestrian deaths? While there is not an exact science behind the rise of pedestrian fatalities, we can make some solid inferences as to what has caused the change. For one, the average weight and size of modern vehicles has increased significantly since 2010. This means that there is more power behind an accident than there was in previous years. Population increase could also be to blame for the new statistics – higher population density means higher accident statistics across the board.

Additionally, the amount of distracted drivers has increased dramatically since 2010, due to an increase in the use of smartphones and other electronic devices. Interestingly, pedestrians are just as likely to be careless concerning their surroundings as drivers are. A pedestrian distracted by their phone is far more likely to walk into a crosswalk on a green light than a pedestrian that is paying attention. 2047 pedestrian accidents in 2018 were caused by pedestrians failing to yield the right of way for vehicles. This indicates the 25% of all pedestrian accidents are due to pedestrian negligence.

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