Harrowing Autobiography Details Author’s Raw Journey from Addiction to a Life of Humility and Serving Others

An unforgettable story of resiliency.

Baltimore, MD – Autobiographer, Daniel McGhee, is pleased to announce the release of his brand new book detailing his raw journey from addiction, to a life of humility and serving others.

The book, entitled Chasing a Flawed Sun, is a harrowing story of McGhee’s narrow escape from personal destruction, from a life in prison, and a life of death – all due to the constant pursuit of the warmth and comfort of a heroin spoon.

“The sun gives me a sense of security, energy, warmth and comfort,” states McGhee.  “Much like the sun, I quickly realized that the only other thing in life that gave me this same sense of warmth and security was heroin.”

“Heroin was my flawed sun,” McGhee continues.  “It burned me every time I got too close.  It consumed me in its fire, and, by the grace of God, I narrowly escaped with my life.”

In Chasing a Flawed Sun, McGhee details his personal account as a young suburban kid and how he began his self-destructive life of drinking, violence, and selling drugs. 

“I was on a crash course of self-destruction when my life was forever changed by heroin,” says McGhee.  “I became addicted and this book tells the story with raw detail and intensity of my life through the darkness of addiction, homelessness, many jails and prisons, rehabs, overdoses, many deaths of friends, and having a heart attack at 22.”

Though Chasing a Flawed Sun discusses a highly serious and vivid account of McGhee’s painful addiction, the book also details the author’s rise out of the depths of horror and into the new and exceptional life McGhee lives today.

“Today, I’m 18 years clean of all drugs and alcohol,” states McGhee.  “I own a few businesses, including a bail bonds company that I’ve had for 9 years, and I also work for a treatment center and own a non-profit agency.”

McGhee’s non-profit company, Agape Projects, enables him to travel to third world countries to serve the less fortunate and provide disaster relief across the United States.  Additionally, the company also supports animal rescue, Haiti missions, toy distribution for those less fortunate, and local community services.

“Surviving the old life that I lived has given me a gratitude and humility that makes me want to spend the rest of my life returning the favor and serving this world,” says McGhee.  “I feel as though this book is crucial for the time we are in, particularly with the opiate epidemic.”

Readers can purchase Chasing a Flawed Sun on the websites Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  

For more information about Chasing a Flawed Sun, please visit the author’s website at http://chasingaflawedsun.com/

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