Revolutionary Car-Seat Accessory Aims to Eliminate the Dangers of Forgotten Baby Syndrome (FBS)

The SMARTCLIP™ by SAFE+® is a groundbreaking life-saving device which works in tandem with strap-in car seats to prevent FBS and the deadly mishaps arising out of it.

FBS (Forgotten Baby Syndrome) is rising at an alarming rate with each passing year, leading to injuries and senseless infant deaths. On average, 38 die from FBS.  Last year, there were 51 recorded cases of death from caretakers forgetting babies inside vehicles, and that’s frightening. However, there seems to be a ray of hope. A visionary tech company, SAFE+®, has just launched the SMARTCLIP™ on Kickstarter, designed to protect against preventable child deaths from FBS. 

The FIRST-of-its-kind, the SMARTCLIP™ works by protecting your child with their dual-belt car seat. Plug the Base™ into the car lighter, buckle your child into the car seat and fasten the SMARTCLIP™. When you start your car, the system will initiate and start a wireless pairing. From that moment on, the SMARTCLIP™ and Base™ will keep monitoring one another throughout the trip while preventing your child from unbuckling his or her clip as the vehicle is in motion.

As you arrive at your destination and turn off your vehicle, the Base™ sounds a reminder tone until the SMARTCLIP™ is unfastened, signifying that you could had been taken out of the car.

“FBS can be dangerous for your little one. Yes people forget, but in this case, a moment of forgetfulness can turn into a nightmare. Infant deaths from overheating inside the car are the last and ultimate effect from FBS. But finally, you can put all such woes to rest,  thanks to the innovative SMARTCLIP™. It’s strategically designed to ensure your baby is taken out of the car immediately when you or their caretaker shut off the vehicle,“ stated a leading spokesperson from SAFE+®.

The SMARTCLIP™ helps to address FBS and keep babies safe in 3 ways:

  • Electronic Reminder System

This sounds an alert when the car is shut off as a reminder that your loved one is present with you.

  • Safety Release System

It prevents your child from unbuckling his or her clip while the vehicle is in motion.

  • Belt Clinching System

As the SMARTCLIP™ is fastened, this system locks down on the belts of the car seat. This way, it preventing your little one from changing the position of the SMARTCLIP™, protecting them from serious injury in the event of an accident.

“With the SMARTCLIP™, everything will happen instantly, and users won’t need to remember to do anything additional. It’s just the thing you need to assure an extra layer of safety while traveling with your child in the car. At present, we are looking for further improvements to our life-saving product and its mass production that demand a solid financial backup. Hence, this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring in the best and safest version of SMARTCLIP™ and make the world more secure for our little ones.”

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