New short film Silicon Caesar is re-imagining Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar as a Sci-Fi epic dealing with the impact of AI technology

Silicon Caesar is an ambitious TV pilot that reimagines Shakespeare’s popular play “Julius Caesar”, a Sci-Fi movie that reflects the ramifications of the AI technology. The project is first introduced on Indiegogo, where it aims to raise $25000 to cover the cost of production, marketing and turning this whole project into a reality. So far the fundraiser has received a good response from backers around the globe and about 20% of the fund goal is completed, with little more than a week to go. Silicon Caesar will be a speculative short film that talks about the dangers emerging from Silicon valley’s AI technology.

Movie Overview: Nordsky, a Google-size artificial intelligence company, has developed a product that will cut work hours in half for the 1%.  (For the 99% who can’t afford the AI, are they just shit out of luck?)  On the eve of the new AI product launch, the company’s board rebels against the arrogant CEO in hopes of stopping the release.

The film highlights the impact and possible threats of Artificial Intelligence on our society through a gripping storyline accompanied by amazing visual effects, set into decades in the future. It will also talk about the effects of global warming and unregulated technology on the world. After the post-production, the filmmakers plan to play their film at many prestigious film festivals and also get it on popular streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. The film may also be significant to the LGBTQ community as the film is developed by LGBTQ filmmakers and two of the five main characters in Silicon Caesar are LGBTQ. The amount raised from the fundraiser will also cover the costs of the movie submission fee for the film festivals.

“We have created a highly engaging storyline based on the Shakespeare classic Julius Caesar that highlights the implications of AI on our world. Although we have had out work distributed on Netflix and Amazon Prime, this is our first original science fiction project. With support from all the Sci-Fi and movie enthusiasts, we’ll be able to turn this project into reality. Thank for supporting our Indiegogo campaign!” – Chuck Griffith, Writer-Director.

The backers will also get exciting rewards like customized T-shirts, movie poster, private screening link, movie end credits and more, for supporting the campaign on

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