The Gold Tinkle of Genesis Business Group has officially recognized USDT deposit and became the leading peers in digital currency payment, reaching the global market of copy trading system.

Genesis Business Group has now officially recognised USDT as the official deposit channel, as one of the efforts reaching Gold Tinkle to the world by diversifying the payment channels.

Genesis Business Group, a professional copy trade software and platform provider, following the upgrade of the trading platform to MT5 have boosted up the business development of copy trading community by adding the digital currency payment channel, a more convenient deposit way. Genesis Business Group has now officially accepting the USDT deposit, causing a great repercussion and attracted the eyes of global financial technology investors.

Genesis Business Group’s vision is to establish the largest Asia’s copy trade community. By inviting more sophisticated traders to this project in the near future, customers would be able to choose the best trader for themselves. Our investment philosophy not only encourage customers to manage the investment risks by allocating assets to different traders, but also provide successful strategies in advance, and lead customers to win the market!

Its current customer base has already exceeded 10,000 and continue growing rapidly every day. The recognition of USDT deposit will trigger a sensation in the gold foreign exchange market. The convenient procedures and more intuitive trading process will definitely receive more users’ support.

Gold Tinkle uses the latest technology to match the C2C point-to-point decentralised transactions between the deposit customer and the USDT acceptor. We provide highly stable USDT deposit with US dollar 1:1 value exchange, which improves the transaction security and enhances the efficiency of international transfer and anonymous protection. At the same time, the real-time clearing engine allows customers to check the transaction status for every deposit and withdrawal, assuring the transaction is safe and reliable.

The advantages of USDT deposit:

1. The deposit is converted into a digital currency with 1:1 reserve guarantee. For every USDT token issued, its bank account will have a $1 capital guarantee.

2. USDT’s has good circulation and widely used globally.

3. Currently, USDT is the most extensive legal digital currency with global users, and there’re many international platforms that support USDT transactions.

4. Risk aversion: USDT has the most transparent transaction with daily disclosure of foreign exchange reserves and frequent professional audits on every circulation to match its reserves.

5. Security: Based on block chain technology, USDT provides world-class security while meeting international compliance standards and regulations.

In order to cope with the growing customer base, Gold Tinkle works with the latest MT5 version and USDT deposit feature allowing 1 million people to be simultaneously online at the same time and connects better to the liquidity provider, and submits the orders more efficiently and cost-effectively to the international market.

Genesis Business Group ensures that Gold Tinkle leads the industry with new technological advantages and drives the trend of copy trading. This upgrade will set a leading benchmark for the gold foreign exchange, future market and the digital currency exchange field, leading investors to continue building successful investment and achieve greater results!

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