Seek Business Capital Launches Fix and Flip Financing Platform to Help Real Estate Entrepreneurs Get Funding Fast

Raising capital has never been so easy!

Los Angeles, California – Seek Business Capital, a consulting firm that provides advisory services and funding procurement to small business owners across the U.S., has launched a new platform for fix and flip loans

Raising capital for real estate investments can be challenging for anyone, especially first-timers. But there are actually plenty of great financing and loan options for house flippers, if they know where to look. That’s why Seek Business Capital launched its new platform, to make a complicated topic far easier to understand. Its fix and flip loans platform makes it easy for aspiring house flippers to find the right funding option for them in just a matter of minutes.

Through industry experience and proprietary technology, the team at Seek Business Capital is able to evaluate a business or entrepreneur on a few key factors in order to provide them with transparent information on their ability to obtain funding, as well as guiding them through the process step by step. The funding procurement service allows house flippers and entrepreneurs alike to receive a funding estimate within two hours and same-day funding approvals.

Currently, one of the best ways to make is through flipping houses. Refurnishing a house and then selling it for higher prices has gained considerable traction in recent years. However, similar to other business options, this approach also requires funding. Plus, it is really difficult for new “flipping entrepreneurs” to raise capital, however, Seek Business Capital can help even inexperienced house flippers find the right source of fix and flip loans for their unique circumstance.

The following words from Seek Business Capital’s platform shed much light on the firm’s intense desire to bring a positive impact on entrepreneurs’ business ventures. “In many ways, the housing crash of 2008-2009 seems to be a distant memory, as house flipping has reached its all-time peak in 2019 for many markets, according to ATTOM Data Solutions. A decade of rising home prices, low-interest rate, and an expanding economy has made fertile ground for those looking to make a quick profit by rehabbing and selling homes quickly. While the house flipping trade can indeed be lucrative, it requires one thing above all: capital. Much like the traditional home-buying process, investors looking to flip properties need funding for the purchase price of the home, property taxes, utilities, and insurance costs until the day the property sells. However, flippers also need money to rapidly rehab the property and prepare it for sale. To cover those costs, most fix and flip investors need a loan. However, unlike in the pre-2008 era, when it seemed like anyone that could sign their name could get a housing loan, lending standards have tightened up in 2019. Additionally, loan rates are typically higher on a fix and flip loan than a standard mortgage, as lenders view these loans as riskier. The good news is there’s generally a solution if you’re looking for fix and flip financing, whether you’re a first-time flipper or an experienced veteran with fantastic credit. Here’s a look at the top seven financing options for the fix and flip investors, including average rates and tips for success.”

Applying for a fix and flip loan is essentially the same as any other type of loan. Your job as a borrower is to put your best financial foot forward, showing you have the capability to pay back any money that you borrow. Your lender will evaluate your financials and other factors to determine if extending a loan to you is an acceptable risk.

New business owners often don’t realize that in order to qualify for small business association loans they need to provide two years of business financials. For someone just getting their business started, this information can be devastating. Additionally, banks often shy away from lending to house flippers because it carries a high level of risk. Seek Business Capital, however, specializes in helping people in that exact situation find the best financing available to them as quickly as possible. For a first-timer, trying to get funding from an alternative funding source like Seek Business Capital is generally more fruitful than going to a large bank.

About The Company:

Seek Business Capital is a business consulting firm that advises businesses and helps them obtain the necessary funding to begin a successful entrepreneurial journey. Their team of business experts provides services that are critical to every small business owner. Beyond their regular services, their team is here to provide essential consulting services to help save you time and money as you make critical decisions for your business. The firm believes that each entrepreneur is unique and as such, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. The team will provide individualized consulting services that are essential in progressing your business and nothing else. They provide funding as low as $5,000 and as high as $500,000. Many of their customers come back for additional funding as their business needs grow.

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