Creative Enzymes Introduces a Newly-developed Concentrated Food-grade Lactase Product for Research and Industrial Use

SHIRLEY, NY – Aug 23, 2019 – As an excellent supplier and manufacturer, Creative Enzymes has recently introduced concentrated food-grade lactase powder for dairy processing in the life science field. With more than ten years of experience in offering professional services and high-quality products for the life science field, Creative Enzymes is dedicated to offering remarkable enzymes products and services.

Lactase is a kind of enzyme. Like other enzymes, it requires specific biochemical reactions in the body. Biochemical reactions involving lactase break down sugars in lactose, milk and other dairy products. For those who don’t have enough lactase in their bodies, they can’t digest milk very well. Those people are said to have “lactase deficiency” and are called “lactose intolerance”. Lactase can be utilized as a food supplement and it can be added to milk to produce some “lactose-free” dairy products.

“Treating lactose intolerance is so important that people can consume milk and other dairy products. Milk is the main source of calcium, which is needed for strong bones. People who don’t have enough milk are more prone to bone fragility (such as osteoporosis) than others. We begin to offer concentrated food-grade lactase powder for dairy processing, which will significantly accelerate the research and development of new dairy products for nutrition and good taste,” stated by Creative Enzymes’ executive vice president.

What are the application areas for this new product?

  • Lactase is mainly used in the dairy industry to convert light sweetness and low-solubility lactose to sweeter and more soluble monosaccharides (such as glucose and galactose).
  • Lactase can also reduce the possibility of crystallization of lactose in ice cream, concentrated milk, and light condensed milk while increasing sweetness.

“The low lactose milk produced by lactose hydrolysis process has a stronger aroma and a better sweetness, greatly improving the quality and nutritional value of the milk. However, on the other hand, the production cost is higher than that of lactose unhydrolyzed ordinary milk. Choosing Creative Enzymes’s lactase powder can alleviate your cost concerns because they are reasonably priced,” said Dr. Johnson.

About Creative Enzymes

Creative Enzymes, a remarkable enzyme supplier and manufacturer in Enzymology field, never forgets to push the boundaries of science to supply more qualified enzymes products to stimulate the development of the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology researches. We are customer-oriented. Our driving philosophy is to provide customer good products and professional customer service.

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