For the first time ever, Self-Love and Affirmations are being implemented into the School Day

Zen Me Schools Foundation Requests Support for the I AM Pledge!

The Zen Me Schools Foundation wishes to announce their school support initiative, The I Am Pledge: Affirmation Artwork for the Classroom. The program begins with a Kickstarter campaign on October 3rd 2019 and will seek to provide schools across America with self-love inspiring affirmation artwork, along with digital mindful exercise toolkits that will benefit every student and their teachers in the classroom.

Speaking on the motivation behind the I Am Pledge initiative, the creator and meditation guru, ZenTola, says the “I Am Pledge is a daily affirmation poem with lyrics that inspires self-love, confidence, and positive energy within oneself”; a reason for which everyone should support the I Am Pledge campaign to have the poem on the wall of every classroom in the U.S.

The I Am Pledge is already being recited daily during schools’ morning announcements by nearly 10,000 children in Baltimore, MD, and Compton, CA. Educators, parents, and students have reported seeing a significant increase in self-awareness, confidence, and a rise in positive school climate.

Children in the U.S. spend an average of 1,200 hours in school per year and are often faced with amplified pressures like bullying and shaming. As a result, students can easily lack motivation, have low self-esteem, suffer from depression and anxiety, and can exhibit all-around negative behaviors. However, the Zen Me Schools Foundation strongly believes mindfulness, self-love, and self-confidence can change the world from the inside-out. With the backdrop of the I Am Pledge in classrooms, and with support from individuals in the community, a meaningful step can be taken at re-shaping the future of some of the nation’s most vulnerable individuals – the youth.

The goal of Zen Me Schools Foundation is to get the I Am Pledge poem to the ear of every school child across America; for them to see and recite daily. In order to accomplish this goal, the foundation needs your help.

Through grassroots support the foundation aims to cover the walls of 1,333 classrooms with the I Am Pledge; ultimately impacting 40,000 children. While the foundation aims to place the pledge on the wall of every school in the country, its immediate aim is to impact communities in Baltimore, Chicago, Compton, and Crenshaw, California first.

Opportunity to support and partner with Zen Me Schools for the I Am Pledge project is open to every individual on their Kickstarter campaign page. The foundation’s goal is to get as much as 20,000 backers to support the initiative. Supporters of this campaign not only will receive an I AM Pledge for themselves or to gift to someone else, but their support also contributes towards the purchase of an I AM Pledge for a classroom – ultimately impacting the lives of the foundation’s targeted 40,000 school children.

ZenTola will be available in Baltimore for in person interviews Oct 6-14th and in Los Angeles Oct 16-30th 2019. Additional Zen Me Schools representatives are available for phone interviews during the entire month of October. Additionally, this 2 minute video shows how Zen Me Schools Foundation is already impacting the lives of students in Baltimore and Compton.


Zen Me Schools Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that partners with schools and work hand-in-hand with teachers, educators, children, and parents to deliver mindfulness materials to classrooms for children to incorporate into their daily lives. Their overall goal is to increase self-love, optimism, and self-esteem; promote a positive school climate, unity, and engagement among students; and reduce stress, anxiety, bullying, and violent behaviors in youth.

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