World’s #1 figure in Global Capital Markets Bank Restructuring’s Speech at Fight to Fame Bangkok Press Conference

Fight to Fame Action Star Reality Show first global press conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand at 2:00 pm local time on September 20, 2019. Farzam Kamalabadi, chairman of the Fight to Fame BMS Board of Directors delivered a five-minute speech.

Chairman Farzam has participated in global finance and petroleum conferences many times as the first keynote speaker and has established deep co-operative relations with high-level individuals from more than 100 countries. He is the only international figure who has been specially authorized by presidents and governments of many countries.

At Fight to Fame Bangkok Press Conference, Chairman Farzam pointed, “Our Fight to Fame unique business model is the only dream factory in the world to create Hollywood action stars.” Meanwhile he said, “In the world of cryptocurrency, Fight to Fame BMS cultivates the next generation of champions and Superstars to feature in Hollywood action movies through registration of the global sports players and their participation in the combat sports events, action star reality show, becoming new Stallone, Schwarzenegger, The Rock, Jet Li and other action stars.This business model achieves a breakthrough in global crypto currency field.

Fight to Fame has signed a successful contract with a famous Hollywood film company with plans to invest 500 million US dollars each year to jointly create a series of Hollywood action movies with international influence and good global box office. “A new generation of action champions made through Fight to Fame action star reality show will star in the jointly invested action movies. ”

According to the reporter, Fight to Fame highly values the first action star reality show and the press conference held in Bangkok, Thailand. During the press conference, the blockchain technology’s decentralized voting mechanism was used for the first time to realize the innovative mechanism of FF Token circulation in the process of direct fans participation in the game process, and thoroughly to allow fans to enter the game through entertainment and participation. It aims at:

  1. By using blockchain decentralized voting mechanism, the attendees directly used the FF Token champion cards and perform live voting for either of the competitors.
  2. Gradually all attendees were able to use the FF Pass Championship Series card for on-site ticketing, consumption and other derivative redemption services, fully reflected the powerful circulation scene of FF Token of Fame to Fame.
  3. For designing a perfect voting and token burning percentage, by using the transparent, open and fair characteristics of the blockchain technology. The cryptocurrency officially went to the actual application and demonstrates the unique token burning mechanism of FF Token.
  4. Fully reflected the unique vertical multi-process business operations of Fight to Fame blockchain + film + sports, demonstrating the real circulation and exchange of Fight to Fame in various entity application scenarios.
  5. Fully reflected the fact that FF Token has been snapped up without listing in many countries and regions .
  6. At the conference, the guests at the scene initially realized the use of  FF Token Champion Series card to carry out the exchange of some derivatives and the competition voting mechanism. After Bitcoin, this is the only global cryptocurrency which is naturally generated by the community.

Chairman Farzam said, “Fight to Fame in Hollywood, using film ideas, film creations, film scripts, filming movies, film production, film distribution, movie box office, and movie spectators, formulated the use of blockchain technology to completely create blockchain movies Manual. Develop industry standards for action movies worldwide. The ‘Precise System’ in movie making, which is created by Fight to Fame for the first time in the world, will completely solve and realize the relationship between people and movies.”

Considering the chaotic crypto currency market currently, Chairman Farzam said, “As we all know, at present, there are many unreliable and unreal cryptocurrencies in the world. This kind of chaos accounts for a proportion of the more than 2,750 ICO listed cryptocurrencies in the world. Many investors in the currency circle do not understand the cryptocurrency issued by the blockchain technology and have no understanding of the profit model, and the real application scenario is unclear to them and they do blind investment. They mistakenly believe that if the white paper is well written, they can make money. With good blockchain technology can make a fortune, and by investing in an exchange can get back the money. Knowing a little bit of cryptocurrency elements can make a fortune overnight.

“Where there are celebrity star platforms those are considered reliable, especially when Bitcoin soars to $23,000, those digital currencies which were clearly air tokens, were mistaken as the next bitcoin and bought them assuming those are bitcoin too. The consequences will inevitably lead to the terrible phenomenon that ‘BMW’ enters and ‘Bicycle’ comes out. It is worth mentioning that some blockchain cryptocurrency projects are also good in technology and projects are good, but the partners engaged in operations are seriously lacking in actual financial, capital market, legal compliance, static risk control, and dynamic risk control. experience. This will inevitably lead many investors to lose confidence and investment belief in the project. But Fight to Fame in 2,750 cryptocurrencies around the world will completely change this chaos.

“FF Token holders will be able to participate in the decentralized voting mechanism through blockchain technology smart contracts to completely resolve the relationship between people and events, people and movies. Fight to Fame FF Token recruits global contestants registration, and through the participation of the movie fans and viewers, brand-consumer groups and brand fans groups, completely cover and solve the limitations of global cryptocurrency regional circulation and the construction of community pools. Therefore, the FF Token will be healthy and stable after its listing.”

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