Northern VA Pet Sitting Service Educates Readers On Dog Cooling Vests

Northern VA Pet Sitting Service Educates Readers On Dog Cooling Vests

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Fairfax, Virginia – October 04, 2019 – Paw Pals, a Northern Virginia pet sitting service, recently released a blog that educates readers on dog cooling vests. These vests will help your dog stay cool when the summer heat is at an all time high.

The heat can be just as unbearable as it is to humans, to dogs as well. The heat can cause a heat stroke when your dog gets too excited about playing in the nice weather, on top of their furry coat keeping them warm. A dog cooling vest can ensure that your dog’s internal temperature is maintained so they don’t get sick.

A cooling vest for your dog is essential since their fur coat keeps them well insultaed. They also lack sweat glands that could keep their bodies cool. Dog cooling vests use evaporating technology that will need to be soaked in water completely, wrung out, then put on your dog. The vest will pull energy from the dog and the surrounding air to evaporate the water, which cools the air around your dog’s body. This almost wearable ice pack will keep your dog from having a heat stroke also known as hyperthermia. Since their internal body temperature can reach up to 104 to 106 degrees, a cooling vest can really help. Another benefit of a cooling vest is that it evenly distributes the cooling effects all over your dog’s body. This is perfect for the certain breeds that are predicted to have trouble staying cool, such as pugs and boxers. They are also extremely comfortable to wear and will work in dry or humid heat. Therefore, no matter what type of weather condition you typically experience in the summer, your dog can enjoy walks with you, while staying cool.

Contact Paw Pals for more information about dog cooling vests or to inquire about dog walking services. Paw Pals provides pet sitting in your own home or a sitter’s, daily check ins to ensure that your pet has food and some social interaction, and walks when you’re on vacation or busy with work.

To schedule your dog walking or pet sitting appointment, contact Paw Pals at 703-345-1695 or visit the agency online at Paw Pals is located at 14001-C Saint Germain Drive #213, Centreville, VA 20121.

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