Announcing The Next Big Thing – Ethereum Futuristic

AMD has broken ETH’s original ecosystem, built an ecosystem and maintained its leading position in the industry.

AMD launched ETH2.0 plus based on ETH2.0, also known as ETH Futuristic, which is an Ether Future ETF, using a new generation of mining chips.

The excavated mining currency is referred to as the ETF. The issuing currency is used to raise social resources.

The purposes include:

1. ETF new project product, research and development, operation and other inputs

2. Build an ecosystem and explore new directions in blockchain

Full name in English: ETH Futuristic (ETF futuristic)

English abbreviation: ETF

ETF is a digital currency financial product based on the underlying technology of blockchain. ETF is committed to blockchain technology to change finance, enabling users to access more efficient, efficient and transparent Internet financial services.

Ethereum is currently the most widely used public blockchain system supporting full application development.  Compared with Bitcoin, Ethereum belongs to the category of blockchain 2.0 and is a blockchain system redesigned to solve some problems in the bitcoin network.

In the past year, AMD has taken the limelight, and their 7nm chip manufacturing process has won the favor of global partners.  AMD has made a major breakthrough in instruction set technology, and the process plus instruction set will break the existing technology ecosystem.  AMD CEO Su Zifeng said that 2019 was the turning point for AMD to launch the next generation of high-performance 7nm products.  And restructured the management team this year to strengthen and coordinate AMD’s leadership team around the customer and terminal markets.

AMD’s efficiency in excavating ETH is faster and with less power consumption. This efficiency will break the rules of ETH’s original ecology. ETH also needs to upgrade or rebuild its existing ecosystem.  Even reformed existing ecosystems and released ETH 2.0 to face the future of uncertainty.

At present, the Ethereum developer community has reached a consensus that the ETH on the current Eth1.0 chain will be migrated through unidirectional bridging to ETH on the Eth2.0 chain, and Eth2.0 is also BETH.  Eth2.0 is still developing, facing a lot of uncertainty, and the emergence of AMD’s next-generation graphics technology has also allowed AMD to rethink how to restructure the ecosystem. The layout blockchain is already the trend, and the original graphics technology is in ETH.  The superiority, based on ETH2.0 release ETF, on the one hand reflects the AMD graphics card and chip computing power advantage, on the other hand, the power of AMD to explore the new direction of the blockchain.

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