Nyrie Roos Releases her New Book ‘Be the Authority and Feel the Power’

Nyrie Roos Releases her New Book \'Be the Authority and Feel the Power\'

Nyrie Roos – How to position yourself as an expert in your niche
In the new re-released book Nyrie Roos talks about how the globe, needs and relies on experts, be it a doctor, a handyman, a computer guy, you name it. All professionals need to be established and regarded as experts in a very immediate way. Be the Authority does exactly that-shows you how to legitimately establish yourself as the expert, stand-alone in your field or market through various proven and established techniques, and it’s not nearly as hard as you might think.

Today, Talented Author and Digital Marketing Expert Nyrie Roos announces the re-release of her new book called Be the Authority and Feel the Power.

In this book, Nyrie Roos reveals the detailed knowledge about positioning and building digital presence she has gathered over many years as a marketing professional.

Establishing yourself and business as a leading authority in an industry, publishing the expertise and sharing this with a specific target market can be very challenging to any business owner or marketing manager. When it comes to marketing and online positioning it can often be a difficult maze to navigate and to know that the right choices are being made it getting a business or individuals name out in their target market place, and getting them in front of their prospects and clients. 

Nyrie Roos has decided to share her experience, insight, knowledge, and wisdom gained over the years as a digital marketing professional, in this new book called Be the Authority and Feel the Power. Business owners, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and marketing managers alike will benefit from the insights Nyrie has acquired and is willing to share with the world.

“Why am I sharing my marketing tips with you? Because I don’t want to keep them to myself. If I can make a job easier for someone else, I will. Every time I’ve brought on a new employee, I’ve taught them all I know. My goal was, and still is, to train others to be better than I am. I always aim to duplicate myself, even if I’m not rewarded financially later on,” says Nyrie Roos, the author of Be the Authority and Feel the Power.

“As the saying goes, if I offer a man a fish, he’ll only be fed for a moment, but if I teach him how to fish, he can feed himself forever. And so it is with online visibility, credibility and marketing. I will be satisfied, and my commission fulfilled, if someone who learned from me says, “Thanks to Nyrie, I have this skill — I know how to do this now,” she said.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a professional advising you on how best to accomplish your online and digital strategy to maximize your presence? Someone who could tell you which are the best strategies to use and which to avoid? What if this person was willing to pour out a career’s worth of knowledge and wisdom to you-in only an hour or two? Imagine the progress you could make and the time and money you could save!

In Be the Authority and Feel the Power, author Nyrie Roos does just that. She reveals her detailed knowledge about positioning yourself as an authority online that she has gathered and learned over many years as a marketing professional. From the planning stages to the final steps, Nyrie offers straightforward advice for the entire process. Whether you are a CEO, business owner or a sole entrepreneur in the making, interested in strengthening your online positioning, or wanting to know what to expect when an agency is doing a job for you, Nyrie Roos can help you.

This book is now available on Amazon. Get it here https://www.amazon.com.au/Authority-Feel-Power-Nyrie-Roos/dp/1925187039

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