Musubi, the high-end Milanese Bracelets for Apple Watch 5 offer style and comfort in one

It’s often hard for the Apple Watch users to find a bracelet that is stylish, comfortable and durable at the same time. The regular bracelets are difficult to wear for a long time as they can be uncomfortable and sometimes make the skin scratchy. This is why the company BOTEX©, an expert manufacturer of watches and watch bracelets has created this unique luxurious and super comfortable Apple watch bracelet called Musubi, which is the Japanese word for connections and relationship between human being’. Musubi is a unique art piece made with precious metals using a 40 years old Milanese heritage process, by the skilled artisans of HongKong. This bracelet, made with 925 silver is like a second skin and feels comfortable while being stylish at the same time.

To create the unique Musubi bracelet, silver coils are densely woven into a supple bracelet with a hint of timelessness that contrasts with the modernity of the Apple watch. It is plated with Ruthenium/Rhodium that can resist daily usage and provides durability to the bracelet.  It is also water-resistant and scratch-resistant. The Musubi bracelets are a concoction of elegance, comfort, and modernity.

One of the core beliefs of the Musubi Project is to preserve the traditional heritage technique of watchmaking. In the current market, the mesh bracelets are made by automatic machines, even the Apple Milanese loop. This means that every fundamental process is gone missing nowadays. What makes Musubi stand out is that it is made using traditional, handcrafted techniques by skilled artisans of Hong Kong in a world-class facility. Every Musubi bracelet goes through over 20 manufacturing steps and 3 days of work time to finish. Wearing this traditionally made bracelet with a high tech Apple Watch is truly a remarkable combination.

Musubi is currently running a Kickstarter campaign that has received great response from the backers so far. The Early birds who support the campaign can get a Musibi bracelet with Rhodium plating in Milanese/Millenary pattern. There is also a Black Edition of the Musubi bracelet which features an all-black design with Millenary pattern and Ruthenium Plating.

Find more information about the Musubi bracelet and other rewards on its Kickstarter campaign page.

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