A220 Productions’ New Film “The Men of Mercy” is Set to Hit the Big Screens With a Bang

A great piece of writing that will be performed by phenomenal actors!

Phoenix, Arizona, USA – A220 Productions recently announced the premiere and release of its new film titled “The Men of Mercy”,  a teen-gang thriller starring Christina Zuniga, KK Starrs, Christopher Studenka, and Valerie Loo, written and directed by Director Anne Furlong. The main plotline of the film is as follows: Seventeen-year-old Sinclaire Lewis relocates to Los Angeles with her recently widowed mother and little brother in the hopes of starting anew, but when gangs and her own small-town naivety interact, it will plunge her into an abyss of drugs and crime she may not survive.

Men of Mercy Film is an independent film in the true sense of the term. A thriller, a psychological drama, it’s a story of love, corruption, murder, and betrayal. Fans across the states have been anxiously waiting for its release because they have never seen all these elements combined together in one film. The Men of Mercy tells the story of a pivotal few days in the life of a girl gang, days in which assumptions will be overturned and loyalties pushed to breaking point – and beyond.

The film’s writer and director, A.H Furlong are excited and optimistic regarding the film’s future. Her efforts, along with A220 Productions’ have literally borne a sweet fruit in the form of this fantastic upcoming film. While talking about the film she said: “Fighting and carousing is what they usually get up to and stealing is how they get what they want. But in their world, nothing is quite what it seems, and the arrival of a new girl in town brings events to a head that will force their leader Valerie to the limits of her cunning and power.” While sharing her experience in producing this masterpiece she said: “Working with a cast of local actors mixed with seasoned professionals to bring to life a complex script and turn it into a viable two-hour feature film isn’t easy. And the kind of work it takes to turn the desert of Arizona into southern California hasn’t been seriously undertaken since the days when John Ford turned Monument Valley into Tombstone, Arizona, – and even Texas. Ford had the full backing of the Hollywood studios behind him, but what a220 does with so much less is mesmerizing. Audiences at private screenings have admired the photography, the acting and most assuredly the writing. With no help or encouragement from film commissions or state bodies, the cast and crew of The Men of Mercy have pulled off something just short of a miracle, while demonstrating that the pioneer spirit celebrated by John Ford remains alive and relevant today.”

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A220 Productions and the Director and Writer A.H. Furlong are on top of their heels to announce the release of their upcoming new film “The Men of Mercy”. The film is going to be the perfect combination of love, drama, and mystery.

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