Quantum Generation™ Ltd. (QG) presents instant infrastructure with QSAT™ Quantum mesh blockchain satellite constellation

Quantum Generation™ Ltd. (QG) presents instant infrastructure with QSAT™ Quantum mesh blockchain satellite constellation

QSAT™ is the world’s first and only quantum mesh blockchain satellite constellation that has the power to revolutionize multiple aspects of human lives in the near future. Building a space-based ecosystem™ that is transformational autonomous ubiquitous orbital and terrestrial infrastructure that will transform the finances, internet, communications and other sectors in the upcoming years without laying fibre. Instant global infrastructure that is impervious to disasters and weather, that is ten times higher capacity than the current cutting-edge technology with mind-boggling speeds of up to 400 Mbps. QG technology, the cost of internet delivery can be cut by an astonishing 2000 times compared to state-of-the-art terrestrial networks. The QSAT™ incentivized ecosystem communicates with the terrestrial mesh network through, QUBIT Blockchain™, QAntenas, QPhone, StealthCrypto® phone, QData, QWifi, Q-IOT, QSoftware, and QG ground stations backed by quantum cryptography, communications, and teleportation. The QSAT™ space-based sovereign community is the Quantum Generation©.

QSAT™ LEO Constellation is here to transform global communications, internet, data storage, cybersecurity, blockchain, and fintech. It will offer speed, security, latency, resiliency and low cost. It will also work as an accelerator to the 4G/5G expansion and the development of QG, providing new opportunities for global businesses and communities. QSAT™ high throughput satellite (HTS) in the constellation is interconnected through laser links creating an optical backbone in space which is about 1.5 times faster than the terrestrial fiber networks. Every satellite in the constellation will operate as a full blockchain node and connect with its peers in orbit and on the ground to establish a complete mesh network resistant to external interference and control. It will also support the seamless switching of 5G technology from terrestrial to satellite, backhauling data from millions of devices worldwide.

QSAT™ is built on Stealth Grid’s™ quantum secure cryptography for data protection and privacy, which also provides high performance and opportunity for new innovations. It is a quantum secure managed low earth orbit satellite and storage network that can provide ultra-secure sovereign data storage and retrieval from most locations around the globe. Compared to the conventional data storage methods, it offers many advantages like global access and transport, private and secure data transport network, physically secure storage, data sovereignty management, and robust service infrastructure resistant to bad weather, power outages, earthquakes, and hostile attacks.

QSAT™ is a global blockchain-based, space transcending ecosystem that will open immense opportunities for the world, especially those who invest in it. It’s native QMN™ Token will serve as the primary payment currency within the Quantum Generation™ ecosystem. The company has already put up 2 satellites and more will be done soon, as their community expands.

Know more about the QSAT™ space-based ecosystem on its official websites quantumgeneration.io and qsat.ai

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