GAMC Main Network Testing Is Going to Be Started Soon

It is reported that GAMC main network testing will be started before long. The GAMC Quantum Chain project started in 2018, with the relentless efforts of the GAMC global technical team for more than a year, the GAMC network infrastructure has begun to take shape, and the functions have been basically perfected. Therefore, the main network testing is going to be started soon, which is of great significance for the launch of the main network.

This GAMC main network testing will be divided into four stages: usability test, stability test, destructive test and performance test. At the same time, each test phase will be subdivided into many test items. The GAMC technical team will conduct closed tests repeatedly to ensure the security, privacy and user experience of the main network.

After the completion of the closed tests, GAMC will also conduct a public test for the whole network, and widely adopt the opinions and feedbacks from users of the whole network, so as to make full preparations for the launch of GAMC’s main network at the end of 2019. The GAMC main network is like the foundation of a skyscraper. The launch of the main network means the comprehensive launch of the project ecology. In the future, more ecological users will participate in the project, and the construction of the GAMC ecosystem will enter a new chapter from technology research and development to application scenarios.

GAMC is a distributed protocol public blockchain that solves the issues of openness, fairness and transparency through the quantum underlying protocol blockchain technology. The native quantum contract blockchain technology could transform the existing gaming industry and the industries similar to gaming. The demonstrable fairness and auditable algorithms make the gaming industry more innovative.

Through the relentless efforts of GAMC global technical team, GAMC will be applied to thousands of Dapps all over the world in the future, such as games, guessing games and e-sports. Relying on GAMC blockchain 3.0 quantum underlying protocol, more rich entertainment life will be brought. GAMC will become the most advanced and unique driving engine that focuses on the application of blockchain technology in gaming industry in the global blockchain history. In the future, GAMC will definitely generate infinite market value, and is going to change the gaming industry. Quantum technology is an excellent way to deal with the difficulties of the blockchain technology. Blockchain + quantum technology will reshape the whole gaming industry. GAMC is bound to become the pioneer of connecting blockchain and quantum world! A diversified and decentralized gaming world is about to appear!

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