Ophena Set to Launch its Best-Selling Magnetic Safety Stirrups in the US

Ophena, the manufacturer of premium magnetic safety stirrups, has concluded its plans to start selling its products in the US market. This is a strategic business move to expand the business, and give more fans of equestrian sports an opportunity to use Ophena’s superbly crafted stirrups which feature an innovative, safe design.

Ophena is a reputable Swedish equestrian brand and the inventors of the magnetic safety stirrups.

The company has established a ‘glowing reputation’ in Europe and the UK as a leading innovative brand that has leveraged technology and double-arm architecture to develop a unique magnetic safety stirrup.

Currently, the magnetic safety stirrup, designed and sold by Ophena, is used in competitions such as the British Show Jumping, FEI Show Jumping, and the FN Show Jumping equestrian events.

The magnetic safety stirrups are sold with magnetic insoles that help the rider maintain lateral balance and control.

It is easy to install the safety stirrups because they feature a Smart Attach™ locking mechanism.

The reviews for Ophena Magnetic safety stirrups have been amazing; they meet world-class standards for safety and convenience. With this launch, Ophena will begin shipping their magnetic safety stirrups worldwide and to any location in the US.

The company’s representative has confirmed that adequate preparations have been made to meet the demand for the premium quality magnetic safety stirrups in the US.

“Our magnetic safety stirrups are excellent for professional show jumpers as well as amateur riders who want to ensure their safety,“ says Simon, one of the founders. “We are delighted to introduce our premium quality stirrups to the international markets, which is the next logical step for us. We are confident there will be a high level of satisfaction with the product.”

It is expected that there will be a high demand for these products because they have been tested and confirmed to be excellent for riding and jumping equestrian sports.

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