CoolkicksLA: Introducing the Biggest Sneaker Brand

CoolkicksLA: Introducing the Biggest Sneaker Brand

Coolkicks started as a buy, sell, trade storefront that specializes in new & used sneakers, clothing, and accessories. The items sold are very limited, due to inability to obtain the item at a mass rate. Now Coolkicks is a brand that represents much more. They have created a lifestyle brand that connects with the public on a personal connection. This connection stems from the store priority to give back to the community. The brand has made over 7 million dollars in total sales last year. CoolkicksLa popularity is a direct result from, not only the heavily sought-after products we sell, but from our contagious energy. The energy is so contagious that they are able to create taste in-store and via the internet! Coolkicks is now a brand, much more than a storefront. It’s a movement.

In the past year or so, they have gained tons of recognition and respect in the sneaker game! The sneaker game is a billion-dollar industry, so with that being said – everyone doesn’t survive. They are able to play a big role in increasing the overall industry by selling high-market items at fair price or under-market. Although they may break even on a few sales, they gain so much more from brand loyalty and popularity in the industry as the “good guys”. Standing as one of the shops majority of the sneaker heads crown as the best has given us confidence to try different marketing strategies in effort to gain even a bigger audience. Having marketing strategies, such as free shoes, “if you can grab it, you can have it”, Instagram raffles, weekly giveaways, and more has given them that respect. Coolkicks have high expectations combined with hard work, now they have supporters from all over the world coming into the storefront locations just to take a picture and that is very surreal to all us! Coolkicks Co-Owner Adeel says:

“I would love to tell the upcoming sneaker store business owner to create a connection between you and your supporters. Once that connection is created, make it positive and authentic. A real, positive connection allows you to create life-long relationships and in this industry you have you need tons of those relationships to progress. Also, work very hard and smart.”

Follow them on Instagram @CoolkicksLA, @CoolkicksVA, @TheCoolPromenade, @TheCoolbyCoolkicks and on YouTube under Coolkicks. Mobile app will be available October 2019 for iPhone and Android.

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