Dreame Hair Dryer Global Listing on JD Crowdfunding! Amaze the World with Chinese “Smart Manufacturing”

In the tide of global industrial restructuring, China was labeled as the “World Factory” by the outside world, and “Made in China” was once seen as “low-end” and “cheap”. Ever since the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People Republic of China, many Chinese brands have become more competitive and popular in the global market. The stereotype has been challenged, and Chinese “Smart Manufacturing” is also gaining recognition from global consumers.

On October 14, Dreame Technology, an enterprise in Xiaomi (China) Ecological Chain, launched an intelligent temperature-controlled hair dryer on JD Crowdfunding at the price of 999 CNY. The hair dryer has red color and blue color available. Based on the technology of this hair dryer, it can be seen that Chinese brands have gradually transformed from low-value-added processing and manufacturing to high-tech, high-quality production. In particular, this brand has gained great popularity from global users since the crowdfunding. Its debut at New York Times Square even led to a trend of Chinese brand revitalization, which leaves footprints on the road of Chinese brands internationalization.

New York Times Square is known as “the crossroad of the world”. The big semi-cylindrical NASDAQ screen displays the information of Dreame intelligent temperature-controlled hair dryer listing on JD Crowdfunding. The ever-changing display screens seem to imply an unpredictable stock market at this world financial center. There is a perfect combination of financial atmosphere and Dreame’s high-end, artistic technology, which is beyond the functions of a hair dryer. The combination of technology and fine arts has become the synonym for Chinese brands.

Chinese hair dryer brands have been struggling to enter the international market. The launch of Dreame intelligent temperature-controlled hair dryer is the “a timely move” for globalizing Chinese hair dryer brands. The product applies 110,000 rpm brushless motor to hair dryer. Dreame’s Space 4.0 high speed brushless motor minimizes noise pollution while continuously pushing strong airflow. With world-class hydrodynamic system parameters and noise reduction performance, Dreame displays to the world the charm of China’s “Smart Manufacturing”.

The only way for Chinese brands to go broader and further on the road of internationalization is to leverage the power of technological innovation. The introduction of Dreame intelligent temperature-controlled hair dryer seems to “declare war” on this industry and to challenge the world’s top technology. We hope more and more Chinese brands can be like Dreame, relying on its own advantages in technology, products and services to bring domestic brands to the international market and become the leader and driver of Chinese “Smart Manufacturing”.

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