The Newest Float Tank on The Market is Turning Heads

13 Oct, 2019 – Floatation Therapy involves “floating” in a roughly 30% solution of magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt), inside what’s called a float tank or float pod. The water is heated to the temperature of your skin, about 93.5 degrees Fahrenheit. The light is blocked out so you can’t see, and the sound is dampened so there is nothing to hear. This creates a sensory deprivation environment where both mental and physical benefits are realized.

The Aurora Float Pod is the newest and most anticipated float tank to hit the market. The prototype was showcased at the annual Float Conference in 2018 and was the talk of the show. The Aurora is now in full production and shipping to new customers.

Why Was this Float Tank Created?

The Aurora Float Pod by Float Therapy LLCis redesigned from the ground up, solving for many of the issues associated with most other float tanks on the market. The company’s owner, Ryan Sieker was the former President of one of the oldest and largest float tank manufactures in the country, selling hundreds of older “clam shell” style “Float Pods” over the years. After listening to thousands of customer complaints, dealing with outdated equipment and selling an overall poor-quality product, something had to change.

The Aurora Float Tank took everything that was wrong with “The Float Pod” and meticulously re-designed the next generation of Float Tanks. The result is one of the best float tanks ever built. In order to create such an amazing product, a new manufacturer partnership was forged, who’s facilities, ideas, technologies, and staff are light years ahead of the previous team.

What is so Great About it?

When a new customer is looking for a sensory deprivation tank for sale, they don’t usually know what to look for or ask about. It not until they use the units, do they realize what is important to them.

The Aurora Float Pod has the industry’s first overflow system, solving the “skimming” problem all other float tanks have. Unlike the “Float Pod” the Aurora is 100% light proof and has embedded sound dampening in the construction. The proprietary heating system always maintains temperature within half of a degree and has replaced the old-style inline heaters that often break and leak. Installation is fast and easy with software that works on Mac, PC, Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

If you’re looking to start your own float center or add a float pod  your existing business, you should seriously take a look at the Aurora Float Pod by Float Therapy.

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