Isonex Capital launches World’s First Tokenized Equal Weighted Digital Currency Index Fund – IX15

Isonex Capital launches World’s First Tokenized Equal Weighted Digital Currency Index Fund - IX15

IX15 Digital Currency Equal Weight Index Fund is a unique and innovative project that allows crypto traders to outperform the digital currency market without taking on any additional risks, all done through a single investment.

IX15 holds the top 15 digital currencies ranked by market cap, with equal dollar weighting in each, re-balanced every 30 days. This means whatever happens to any individual digital currency, IX15 investors will always hold the top 15 upon rebalancing. By purchasing the IX15 tokens, investors can outperform the broader market, minimize trading costs, lower portfolio risk and liquidity risk, with just one single low-cost investment (0.5% per annum).

(Watch YouTube explainer video and CEO Will Chan explain more here)

Backtesting shows IX15 outperformed BTC by a massive 4.87x over the past 5 years (see: How do IX15 Returns Compare to Bitcoin?), thanks to the fund’s built-in contrarian strategy that favors higher growth coins, while systematically “buy low and sell high” during the monthly rebalancing process that also replaces coins fallen from the top 15 with the new outperformers. 

Holding IX15 not only reduces portfolio risk by investing in a basket of digital currencies, but it also provides investors with the option to liquidate their holdings 24/7 via the Ethereum Smart Contract, doing away with investors’ fears of not being able to sell their tokens on exchange.

An index fund is an investment portfolio that tracks the performance of the broader market index, such as the S&P500. They are known as passive investments due to a hands-off approach that leads to significantly reduced fees and trading frequencies.

According to Bloomberg’s article “End of Era: Passive Equity Funds Surpass Active in Epic Shift”, it highlights “… in August the investment industry reached one of the biggest milestones in its modern history, as assets in U.S. index-based equity mutual funds and ETFs topped those in active stock funds for the first time”.

“This may be the smartest single addition to any investment portfolio since Bitcoin.” – Will Chan, CEO of Isonex Capital

Isonex Capital is holding its Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on Exmarkets Exchange ( as per the following schedule:

The sale is separated into 3 rounds:

Round 1: Oct 15th 2019 – Oct 21st 2019 | USD 1.00
Round 2: Oct 22nd 2019 – Oct 28th 2019 | USD 1.05
Round 3: Oct 29th 2019 – Nov 29th 2019 | USD 1.10     

More information about Isonex Capital and their upcoming IEO can be found at

Isonex Capital will continue to launch the “IX” series of index products, catering to investors of differing risk/return profiles and industry/technological preferences.

Meet the Team

Isonex Capital is founded by a group of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts driven by a shared ambition to offer legitimate investment management within the digital asset market. It consists of a select group of professionals from the financial, technology and cybersecurity industries who for the past two years have been dedicated to developing IX15. Unlike traditional ICOs/STOs, IX15 is 100% self-funded, 100% developed, and 100% backed by the digital currencies in the portfolio – making it one of the safest token investments available in the market.

The Origins of the Isonex Name

The name Isonex was borne of the merging of the Greek and Latin languages. The word ison is derived from the Ancient Greek word isos, meaning “all things equal.” As Isonex Capital’s premier product is an equal-weighted index fund, they have taken the Latin word for index: in its original form of indico, meaning an indicator or pointer. This evolved into index, a statistical value that represents the price or value of an aggregate of goods. By merging these two descriptive words that perfectly encompass the IX15 fund methodology, we arrive at isonex: an equal statistical value indicator.

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