Granted Consulting Helping Companies Access to Millions in Government Grants

It’s a common fallacy to believe that only high tech or innovative start-ups can benefit from the millions of dollars available in government grants. In fact, well established companies in sectors ranging from agriculture to food processing, clean and digital tech and many more can access these funds if they know how.

Canadian company – Granted Consulting helping business owners take advantage of the cash bonanza. With highly qualified personnel and the leverage of smart technology, it assists clients with all aspects of the grant application process. Granted provides clients with customized lists based on the profile of the company and upcoming projects. These grants can range from opportunities to reach new markets both nationally and internationally, to expand the labour force in order to increase production, and developing skills through staff training.

The optimization of smart technology allows consultants to access information on funding programs as soon as they become available. Once clients receive their customized list of grants specific to their needs a decision is made together on the most appropriate grants that will help the business with its process optimization and strategic planning for expansion into the markets targeted. There are grants available from federal, provincial and territorial sources and for each type the expectations from applicants and the focus is unique. To keep up to date on the incentives available can be a daunting task for individual businesses wishing to take advantage of these opportunities, which is why many businesses prefer to employ grant consultants.

Years of experience helps consultants tailor the applications from businesses to take advantage of company strengths and position them favourably in relation to the requirements of the funding program. The whole process is managed from drafting the application, the research needed in support of the application, the actual application process, follow up, reporting, and reconciliation in respect of the grant. In addition consultants are aware of various government forms and legal requirements and can steer businesses through this quicksand of legalities. What is important to the way forward is the development of a funding plan that proactively aligns upcoming projects with the government grants available, so this does not remain a once-off grant application process but can be tailored to propel the company to achieve goals set through multiple grants over time.

There are a few prerequisites when applying for government grants, and although these may vary, generally the company will need to have been in business for at least one year;  it should have more than one registered employee; should be looking to improve employee skill sets and be willing to expand nationally or internationally. Government funding programs also do tend to look for companies that will provide added value to the supply chain. This will usually be achieved through internal manufacturing as well as creating opportunities through research and development.

Grant consultants leave business owners free to focus on goals and positioning to take full advantage of the grant when it does come through rather than having to micro-manage the grant application process internally. Outsourcing by employing professionals in the field of grant applications provides a higher success rate in grants received. 

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