Founder of Clear Hearing Solution and NHS Senior Audiologist Talks About the Importance of Awareness about Earwax

Some people tend to produce too much earwax and they may need special treatments. Earwax blockage can cause further problems like hearing loss.

South Wales – October 14th, 2019 – Earwax is naturally produced by ears. Normally, it is only a little and can be simply removed. The problem arises when the ears produce too much earwax. Marina Storina, the founder of Clear Hearing Solution said that conditions like earwax stenosis (narrowing of the ear canal), overgrowth of hair in the canal, and hypothyroidism are factors to cause earwax blockage. Earwax blockage can cause further problems like hearing loss, infection, and irritation. 

Clear Hearing Solution is a fast growing audiology clinic that provides high quality services related to hearing problems. The clinic is located at Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales, and lead by Marina Storina a Senior Audiologist in the NHS as well as a professional in the private sector. The services provided including wax removal, ear care, and micro-suction services, Tinnitus management, advance hearing assessment, hearing aid fitting and rehabilitation, balance rehabilitation, pediatric testing, and molded swimming earplugs.

People tend to choose Clear Hearing Solution to seek advice for hearing problems due to the services and treatments applied along with experience with sophisticated technology. They are also patient enough to listen to their customers’ problems. It also brings true solutions that inspire the customers’ hearing journey.

Problems like hearing loss have an impact on many individuals along with people around them. Studies have shown that put efforts to improve their hearing problems like using aids and undergoing appropriate treatment tend to improve their life as well.

This way, Clear Hearing Solution promises the customers to provide their professional expertise in earwax removal, hearing and balance services at a high standard, avoiding delays with onward referrals if required. The team works alongside members of audiological services. They are ENT consultants, GP surgeries,  hearing aid and ear mould manufacturers.

“Amazing experience with Marina at Clear Hearing Solution having a candle removal and hearing test. Nothing is too much trouble. Everything was explained and I came away feeling I had done absolutely the best thing in getting in touch. Marina gave me a thorough examination, tested my hearing and helped me make sense of some of the differences I had noticed over last year. While I don‘t need any aids just yet I will definitely go back in a year or so and just get another check! Thank you Marina. I’m a convert to just keeping an eye on what I’m noticing with my hearing!” – Liz, satisfied customer.

About Clear Hearing Solution

Clear Hearing Solution founded by Marina Storina a professional in the private sector and a Senior Audiologist in the NHS. She obtained a BSc in Audiology from Swansea University. She then went on to attend a lay-counselors training, approved by the British Tinnitus Association, following masterclasses in Advanced Diagnostic Audiology and Rehabilitation, and Balance Disorders and Rehabilitation from Cardiff Metropolitan University. She also became a Micro Suction specialist.

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